Aalborg Taffel Akvavit

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Aalborg Taffel Akvavit
70cl / 45%
Original Danish caraway-flavoured Taffel Akvavit - an institution in its home country since the 19th century.
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Customer Reviews:(7 reviews)
Erik, we do ship to Australia. Please see our shipping page for more details on pricing: http://www.thewhiskyexchange.com/customerservice-delivery-charges.aspx#charges
- TWE Admin, 14th Jun '12
Can you send to Australia
- Erik , 14th Jun '12
fire water at it's best...particularly good for lifting the spirits.
- anonymous, 14th Apr '11
Makes you proud to be from Aalborg!A classic that is always to be found at the dinner table during the christmas holidays. A few slices of rye bread topped with either makrel, herring bites, curry herring bites, egg, liver paste and bacon etc. a glass of beer and then a dram of "R?d Aalborg" straight from the freezer! Merry christmas :)
- anonymous, 4th Mar '11
Great drink especially served ice cold with fish and eel. Make some coffee and put some in,it will warm you up no end. Brilliant drink,try it you will love it.
- Chris Allington, 30th Dec '09
"Must be served ice cold" means at temperatures around -5?C (23?F)! Put it in the freezer. It should form ice condensation on the outside of the bottle when on the table.
- M. Hedemand, Denmark, 10th Jun '09
the most amazing drink to accomodate fish, especially eel, this drink as the effect of clearing the oils from the mouth. But must be served ice cold, to get the correct flavour, if served warm not much flavour at all
- lynda lowe, 30th Oct '08
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