Auchentoshan Three Wood

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Auchentoshan Three Wood
70cl / 43%
Lowland Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Distillery Bottling
The ever-popular Auchentoshan 3 Wood is matured initially in bourbon casks before being finished in Oloroso or Pedro Ximenez casks for an extra layer of rich, sweet fruitiness.
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Tasting Notes:
Producer's Tasting Notes

The Three Wood is intense, sweet and complex with a rich golden bronze appearance. 

It has a blackcurrant, brown sugar, orange, plum and raisin aroma with a fruit and syrup taste. 

The finish is fresh and fruity with long lasting oaky sweetness.

Customer Reviews:(18 reviews)
Where have you been all my life .........? As a big follower of the Islay's and the Macallan's this was an unexpected Christmas present. It tastes great, and full of high sherry notes and long after tastes of thick dark spicy chocolate and hazelnut, very slightly bitter at the end, but that's probably a personal note, which is what it's all about any way. Very impressed.
- Ken. Aberdeen, 27th Dec '13
I'm fairly new to whisky but this was recommended and was by far the smoothest I've tried. Dangerously so, as one painful morning revealed. It's not stopping me buying another bottle, though.
- Dave H, 12th Oct '13
Unbalanced and awkward dram with particularly strange notes on the nose. Not what you would typically expect from Auchentoshan. I don't understand this Three Wood expression winded up with multiple gold medals, maybe the bottle that I purchased was bunk? At any rate, after finishing a bottle of Laphroaig Three Wood, this was a major disappointment. I guess you get what you pay for...
- Scotch Fan , 29th Sep '13
So is this a 12 year old then? The guy in the shop said it was a 9 I believe (I know, that is rare). Great aroma and aftertaste, very smooth I miss a heavier body though... Could this be because of not being quite and old whisky? Is it just a Lowland thing? I suppose the reply Dave Worthington got was right anyway... Don't miss out on the Fino wine scent on the cork!
- Al, 7th Aug '13
old fashioned three wood is epic.
- Pat, 2nd May '13
This one here is a TRUE VALUE! If you are a sherryhead, well, price wise it doesent get any better. BIG sherry, Big cream, SUPER sweet. if your not into any of those profiles, stay away, if you DO LIKE them, well, your in for a real treat. Definateley a desert scotch as the PX does wonders for this malt and it is one that I'll continue to stock.
- anonymous, 28th Mar '13
I am lucky to have about 70 different malts to choose from, but for a winter warmer by a peat fire this is the one. I have the Malt so where is that peat fire.
- Ivor Kirkpatrick, 10th Jan '13
"Nose" (undiluted): Peat and floral. Really floral. Fragrant. "Palate" (undiluted): Sweet, smooth entry of chocolate, hazelnuts, malty notes, with oak and subtle orange rind. "Finish" (undiluted): Sherry/raisin, black grapes and peat. Some black coffee.
- Jason's Scotch Whisky Reviews, 23rd Jun '12
I wrote to Auchentoshan and asked what age this whisky was. They kindly replied that this was a 12 year old whisky, matured for 10 years in bourbon casks then finished for one year in Oloroso Sherry and then one year in Pedro Ximenez Sherry. Just opening my bottle now.....
- Dave Worthington, 4th Feb '12
HH Blair: They don't list an age, but it isn't a particularly old whisky a far as we know.
- TWE Admin, 3rd Jan '12
How old is this? Cannot find references to age. Whilst pleasant flavour notes it is lacks mature depth.
- HH Blair, 3rd Jan '12
Just picked up my third bottle of this, and for good reason. I buy a lot of scotch, and I mean A LOT, but I keep coming back to this one. I've just tried a side-by-side of this against the 'Toshan 12, and the Toshan 18... This still comes out the best.You will not believe this is only a 10 y.o, I've tried 21's that don't hold a candle to this. A truly amazing dram.Pros: Overall character, smooth delivery, great priceCons: 43%? Please Auchentoshan give us a 46% as standard!
- Hunter, 12th Aug '11
The other night there, I sat down with some Scottish oat cakes, an apricot goats cheese and filled a large sherry glass with some 'Toshan three-wood. It was a deep, delicious, pleasure-giving experience... Slanje...
- The Flying Scotsman, 24th Jul '11
I agree with Steve above, is this the Jack Daniels of the malt world? - a "filtered and fruit fantastic", with a wonderful note of Christmas cake, gentle warmth, my last winter dram as we move into spring at last.
- Davepat, 10th Apr '10
If I had the pleasure of having this again I'd make sure to hide the bottle. Slightly syrupy and it has this flowery fruity wood flavor that explodes on the palate. I saw on the label that the brand triple distills, but this whisky almost seems charcoal filtered. Very dark, heavy and pungent for a 10 year!
- Steve, 20th Mar '10
Simply delicious. Much better than the Classic or Select, almost as good as the 12 year old (which I still think is the best in the Toshan range). At this price, a must have!
- Mark Dermul at, 12th Jan '10
A real fan of this one. Very smooth and delightfully fruity taste but still warms the cockles like a good malt should.For me it falls somewhere between the smokey and peaty Lagavulin and the rich fruity Bowmore Dark. Simply superb.
- Dom Olds, 4th Jan '10
Drink #3: With the help of our dizzyingly (after the first two drinks) knowledgeable guide, we could have sighted the three casks used for this whisky in the cool, alcoholically atmospheric dunnage warehouse. Just gorgeous.
- James Saxon, 9th Sep '08
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