Jameson 2007 Rarest Vintage Reserve

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Jameson 2007 Rarest Vintage Reserve
70cl / 46%
Blended Irish Whiskey
The ne plus ultra from Jameson, this has been blended with some of the oldest and rarest whiskeys from Jameson's maturing stock - one of which was a pot-still whiskey matured in a port pipe, which adds an extra fruitiness to the final assemblage. More than justifies the price tag - this is one of the greatest Irish whiskies ever bottled, we feel.
(£229.17 ex. VAT)
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Customer rating (27 reviews)
Customer Reviews:(27 reviews)
I have 2 bottle's just had to open one and is well worth the price and wait. Going to save 1 bottle for special time in future. I have a Berry midleton and midleton and have tasted both fine but vintage is my vote.
- G Klueg, 22nd June
I have yet to find a finer whiskey for the price.
- Fr0ggy, 29th Oct '13
A beaut of a whiskey when drank two parts whiskey one part water,a fantastic 70th birthday present from my son and daughter in law,thanks both for a great present,cheers.
- Brummie Terry, 28th Aug '12
a bit dissapointed with this...too sweet and the floral & frutiness is too obvious sp the nose which spoils the drinking mood,though the mouth feel ness is there and smooth to some extent,
- saha, 24th May '12
Beautiful rich blend, a great whiskey, but I can't but wonder what the pure pot stills that went into it tasted like on their own, in any other bottling a waste of great aged pot still, but with this bottle I can't complain, excellent
- Carl, 17th Dec '11
Comparing Jameson with Remy Martin... Irish whiskey with Cognac... barley and grain with eau de vie... somehow I'm missing the link here.
- anonymous, 19th Oct '11
this is a blended whiskey rangeing maybe from 30-80 years in age of the individual whiskeys that make it up.it is like a very fine brandy,might i add that all remy martin produce is blended brandys.so please get some common sense the price is very good here,truely is in ireland and abroad this stuff can go for 500 euros or $700.
- bobby, 12th Aug '11
irish distillers are full of it to be honest, but its not a bad whiskey i suppose
- lambo, 29th Oct '10
The best Irish Whiskey to surface since the Redbreast 15yo. Very complex and full of rich fruit flavours from Shery casks and vanilla
- Adrian Phelan, 13th Oct '10
Had a glass of this last week which was given to me by a very good friend of mine who owns a bar in Jax, Florida. Aside from the marketing guff, when it comes down to it this is a great whiskey. Quite complex flavours, sweet, as with all Jameson, but has vanilla, citrus and oaky elements - it really does sit on the palate for some time. Could almost be a liqueur whiskey - an excellent Irish blended whiskey - but for special occasions only! Maith thú
- Tir Eoghain, 3rd Apr '10
Chris,Where are you buying multiple bottles of the 2007? I can't find it.....thanksJay
- Jay, 29th Dec '09
I have purchased multiple bottles of this Whiskey, and I can testify that it is by far the best Jameson I have ever had. It competes very well against many of the best Irish whiskey’s out there. The main reason you don't see a vintage year, is because it varies. This is a blend of various whiskeys that vary greatly by age. It still is a Vintage blend, there just isn't a single year associated with it. Think of it as the Irish whiskey version of Johnny Walker Blue label.
- Chris, 2nd Nov '09
the best irish whisky ever tasted, worth the money
- Inoue Kosei, 10th Oct '09
Thanks for the useful review Niall/Drinkslover. Now I just need to start saving to buy it.
- Rory McA, 10th Aug '09
A very decent Irish whiskey. If you are a fan of the 18year old Jameson you will love this. A bit sspicier than the Middleton and smoother than the 18 its a whiskey best enjoyed when you have no drink taken before it. It is a very sublime and smooth whiskey that will make you savour its flavour while also going "no one is getting near it, its mine" A bit pricey, but if you are going through UK duty free its a better bargain than most of the other prestige whiskeys
- Niall, 21st Apr '09
Never mind all the above - this is the best Irish whiskey I've ever tried. Very rich and silky. Big spicy complexity and unbelievably smooth
- Drinkslover, 5th Mar '09
Marketing guff???? Casks washing hair??? Ones available for individual selection??What vintage is it??? Would you please just review the whiskey so people like myself who have never tasted it can read about the product.
- anonymous, 29th Dec '08
I tasted this blind last week in a competition I was judging and it is fantastic, the standout whiskey of the day for me. Delighted as I could never afford to buy a bottle of this for myself.
- Tim F, 28th Oct '08
I have a bottle of this and it is a first rate whiskey.
- Ger, 1st Oct '08
A scotch made up of similar whiskeys would not cost more than 150 euro. Probably a lot less. It's a pity about the price. I know the name and guff is a bit excessive, but I don't really care about all that stuff. I'd buy it regularly if it was reasonably priced. The sample I tasted was given to me. I love this style of whiskey, so for me it was superb.
- JohnM, 7th Aug '08
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