Caol Ila Cask Strength

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Caol Ila Cask Strength
70cl / 61.6%
Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Distillery Bottling
A superb, lemony, salty, coal-tar-soapy bonanza, Caol Ila Cask Strength is a whisky capable of bringing joy to the most jaded peathead. We love this.
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CountryScotlandRegionIslayBottlerDistillery BottlingBottling StatusDiscontinued
Customer Reviews:(12 reviews)
Quite expensive, but actually represents good value for money. A very intense expression of the brand, sweet with lots of peat. Will definitely be repurchasing when the current bottle runs out.
- Hugh , 17th Dec '12
This is amazing stuff. Pure concentrated Caol Ila. Best single malt bargain next to glengoyne 12 yro cask stength. Buy it, drink it, get some more. Simples!
- big Al, 2nd Nov '12
I agree with C. Todhunter, this is a King of whiskies. Laphroaig can claim it is the richest of all Scotch, but anyone who really savors the Islay flavor, and who doesn't these days, knows Caol Ila CS is as rich, deep and rounded as they come. Not to mention the price, yeah, you're not going to do better at 5x this price! Stock up now before everyone realizes the incredible value here.
- Chris, 7th Apr '12
Bought this last year, and I'm considering buying it again. To be mixed with water, it does have a strong taste to it at first. Grows on you though, but is an ecquired taste.
- HarryB, 14th Dec '11
Trying the whisky (with drops of water) as I am writing. Cannot claim expertise in whiskies, but I personally find the peat and nose weaker than Laphroaig 10yo Cask Strength, which I love. Caol Ila doesn't have the intensity of the finish of the Laphroaig, but a different type of sweet aftertaste. A very pleasant whisky, with an interesting nose. Quite enjoyable.
- spc, 17th Nov '10
i am afraid that the cask strength of near 62% put me off some. i have to say that i would prefer a glass of the Laphrooig anytime, however will give the lower strength version a try.
- anonymous, 23rd Jul '10
Intense, sweet, peaty and complex. This is one of my favourite regulars. Awesome value and one of the few whiskies my non whisky drinking friends will join me in. There's just so much going on in the glass; and just so distinct as soon as you unleash it from the bottle. I love this stuff and it's a bargain!
- C Joannou, 14th Jun '10
The strength could put the averasge man off, however, The TWE description was enough to make me curious. Once tried if you like peat then this is a full bodied and smooth dram and on my pallet doesn't hit as hard as the 61.6% suggests it might. I love it and once I've pursueded the girlfriend I'll get another. The 5th March posting by aw is a perfect round up totally moreish!
- Justin Mackenzie, 22nd Mar '10
Wow! What lovely sweet'n'peatiness! I'd previously written off Caol Ila as a dram I didn't like - too oily, thin and salty. But this is totally different. A delicious, sweet, strong expression. Young obviously, not too complex, but really tasty with a lovely sweetness. Very moreish (have to be careful!). Non-chill filtered, and by the pale colour I'd say no caramel addition either. This has completely changed my mind about Caol Ila.
- aw, 5th Mar '10
£ for £ one of the finest drams on sale. With a splash of water or as it comes, it is superb.
- anonymous, 27th Feb '10
Very strong stuff!The oils seep out of the whiskey when you add a drop of water to your glass.Its Medicinal, carbolic, salty fume fills the room and scares my wife into the next room.It’s beyond comprehension that this whiskey was crafted by man.
- Alistair Moore, Dosthill, 28th Jan '10
This is a king amongst whiskies. The label warns of such corrosive and violent elements as petrol, creosote and so on, but the experience is superb. Yes, it is peaty, smoky and all those things, but they are subtle, rounded, mellow and utterly complementary. An enormously complex drink and one which leaves you trying to analyze the flavours for a long time after the glass is empty - and then you have to check it with a second glass ...
- Chris Todhunter, Argyll, 13th Jun '09
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