The King's Ginger Liqueur

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The King's Ginger Liqueur
50cl / 41%
This unique liqueur became famous in the reign of King Edward VII when, at the request of the King's doctor, it was produced as a warming drink for His Majesty to take after winter morning rides in his new horseless carriage. The distinctive smooth ginger flavour is perfectly balanced by a pleasingly clean, dry finish.
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Customer rating (21 reviews)
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Customer Reviews:(21 reviews)
I tried it for my birthday celebration and fell in love with the aromatic explosion in my mouth, and taste heavenly.
- Shirin , 15th September
Amazing with Demi-sec sparkling whites, but get the amount right not too much, just hint in the drink is best. Bought it at the Hampton Flower Show.
- John R, 11th Aug '13
i tried this first at the recommendation of the waiter in the seattle hotel at brighton marina, i had it neat from the fridge,perfect. then as a coffee liquor.if you like ginger and liquors and you don't like them too sweet ( as you get older )it's perfect amondo !! a great digestif' as the french would say .get yourself some and enjoy.
- dave london, 28th Sep '12
Gorgeous on it's own or with whiskey.A must have.
- anonymous, 7th Jul '12
tried this for the first time last night at my bros simply wonderful, went to bed tipsy.
- sally, 1st april 12, 1st Apr '12
Brought this for my dad at xmas everyone loved it so much got to get another now only got a sip but what nectar it is so so smooth and whiskey exchange sent it very quick and well packaged that's why I'm back
- Paul, 16th Feb '12
I purchased this for my Dad for Christmas as a change. He absolutely loves it and has described it as liquid gold! I am sure there will be none left for me to try when I visit!
- Sharon, 3rd Jan '12
Bought from whisky exchange excellent service ,for an excellent "drop"good stuff for special occasion !
- hutchy, 9th Dec '11
best on the rocks, or try with a shot of best rum, a must with ice
- kedvin, 13th Sep '11
Try it with champagne - the Ginger Royale!
- anonymous, 9th May '11
Mix it with a shot of Brandy and ginger ale over ice for a South African Ginger Square! Lush
- Iain Nelson, 30th Apr '11
Like some of the others, had this on a recent shoot. Great stuff, however in hindsight not the greatest thing to do after having drank the bar dry the previous night
- anonymous, 16th Feb '11
- HOT SHOT MARK, 18th Jan '11
Great with whisky
- anonymous, 10th Dec '10
Warming enough for any days shooting!
- anonymous, 19th Nov '10
Tried this at a restaurant tonight, I love Ginger so King Ginger jumped out at me from the desert menu and it is the most lush drink! I think it would be perfect with honey and fresh lemon when you have a cold, actually I think it'd be perfect anytime :-)
- anonymous, 3rd Oct '10
Last Wednesday Ball's Bros in St James's combined it with a Rioja 1:6.Guaranteed to break the ice at any party. DELICIOUS.
- anonymous, 1st Oct '10
great stuff
- anonymous, 8th Sep '10
Very nice! i sampled this at the Bristol Food
- Geraldine, 14th Jul '10
Wow! this hits the spot. A really gingery liqueur, but with a lightness too. Just right on a snowy day like today, but i reckon I'll be drinking it through the year. can't wait to try it in summer with tonic and lime.
- anonymous, 21st Dec '09
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