Pierre Huet 1893 Calvados

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Pierre Huet 1893 Calvados
75cl / 40%
A rare 19th-century vintage calvados from the family-owned Pierre Huet house, where Calvados has been made in the traditional way since 1865.
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Bottling StatusDiscontinuedVintage1893
Customer Reviews:(6 reviews)
its an applebrandy, not a whiskey. its made with preety much the same apples as cider.
- anonymous, 15th Jan '11
Paris Air Show 1985, after demo flight invited to dinner with King Hussein. Six of us shared a bottle. Each sip, for me, took about a minute.Best in the world? Damn straight!!
- Ron Elliott, 27th May '10
In answer to the above, no-one has guaranteed that it is the best, so no need to get worked up. Also, as mentioned earlier, this is neither whisky nor a liqueur - it is Calvados, a French brandy made with apples (or sometimes pears or a mixture of the two). Hope that's cleared every thing up.
- Flairy, 17th Mar '10
Slightly out of the average person's budget but still, how can you guarantee that it's 'THE BEST' liquer you can get hold of?
- anonymous, 16th Mar '10
it's not whisky it's apple brandy
- anonymous, 13th Oct '09
You would hope that this was the best damned whisky in the world
- anonymous, 31st Mar '09
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