St Magdalene 20 Year Old / Waterloo Street

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St Magdalene 20 Year Old / Waterloo Street
70cl / 62.7%
Lowland Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Distillery Bottling
A very rare bottling of St. Magdalene single malt (aka Linlithgow). The Waterloo St. bottling was distributed to Diageo engineering staff and VIPs in 1998 in celebration of 100 years at Ainslie & Heilbron's buildings at 64 Waterloo Street in Glasgow.
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More Details:
CountryScotlandRegionLowlandBottlerDistillery BottlingBottling StatusDiscontinuedAge20 Year OldNo of Bottles396
Customer Reviews:(17 reviews)
Believe it or not i have just stumbled upon my bottle which I had forgotten about- must have been a good presentation! I do not know if it is good to keep it or sell in the present market.
- Sam Johnstone [Electrical Project Manager], 23rd Sep '11
I have one of the staff distribution bottles, No 204, but then my surname begins with W so no surprise there. I also had one of the empty bottles from a staff function with cert and box. I wanted this for display purposed so filled it with Bells!! and resealed it with a standard foil. For various reasions I lost this bottle so watch out for bottles without the original "100 Years" foil seal.
- anonymous, 16th Aug '11
Re possibility of forgeries: Every bottle of The Waterloo comes with a letter on company headed notepaper from me. Although my signature is on the printed label I only personally signed one of these letters. The person who got this bottle knows who he is and did not pay for his bottle. If any other signed letters are circulating they are definitely forgeries.
- Gerard Dwyer, 2nd Jul '11
Not being a whisky drinker and having one of these bottles (No3 infact), I now wonder if the value will increase with time or should I consider putting mine up for sale??? Think I could have a nice little holiday with the proceeds, rather than break it open for some special occasion!!!
- anonymous, 5th Apr '11
It's history now but I was at Waterloo Street when Gerry Dwyer issued the bottles with labels signed by himself. Wish I'd kept it intact rather than celebrate my first grandchildren birth(twins). A good lowland but fearsome stuff.
- Harry G, 3rd May '10
I worked with Cowan @ DCL from 1965 / 1968 when I emigrated to Canada, just retired here in Canada,Cowan was a nice man, Freddie Fielder and then John Geddes were chief Electrical Engineeer's when I was there.Peter Diamond, Canada.
- Peter Diamond, 22nd Jan '10
Thank you AHA, I stand corrected. He is missed greatly.
- Paul, 22nd Dec '09
Just a small correction on the post by Paul on 26/12/2008. His father-in-law Cowan Baird was not "an electrician at the distillery" but was the Chief Electrical Engineer of the Distillers Company Limited before his retirement. Quite a different thing!I also have a bottle of this filling as I also worked at Waterloo Street from 1958 to 1989
- AHA, 5th Nov '09
i got a bottle at kildean car boot sale!
- anonymous, 5th May '09
From the first post it is clear that 200 were given away and 30 were sold. Not everyone who was given one will have drunk it, and neither will all the people who bought one at the Lochnagar distillery have opened theirs. So bottles will always come to market. That said, it is a very rare bottle from a closed distillery - hence the price tag.
- Jimbo, 7th Jan '09
Can't be that rare unless they're selling the same bottle under a different guise at Parker's
- DB, 6th Jan '09
I have a bottle, which was given to my Father in law, the Late Cowan Baird.He was an electrician at the distilery. It was passed to me by his widow Chrissy as I always used to joke with him about having a whiskey and coke with it. Having now realised the true value it seeems that I will never get to taste it, I couldnt justify opening it!
- Paul, 26th Dec '08
with reference to posted27oct '08, do you intend to keep your bottle ?? as an investment or for sale.
- anonymous, 28th Oct '08
??? There were very few bottles available, but we have one. Where's the conflict in that? Not sure what your point is.
- TWE Admin, 28th Oct '08
you maybe TWE. but unless you can prove different, I think I would take the word of the person who was responsible for createing the limited edition(Waterloo)and if my arithmetic is correct there should be less than 50 bottles available to the public.
- anonymous, 27th Oct '08
Gerard, you forget - this is TWE. We have just about everything... :)
- TWE Admin, 2nd Oct '08
I was responsible for the limited edition of 396 bottles of The Waterloo, I am surprised that bottles are for sale in the public domain. Approx 200 bottles were distributed in singles to existing and former members of the Eng Dept at 64 Waterloo St Glasgow. Many of these bottles will have been consumed by the recipients. Of the balance around 100 were consumed at various staff functions and Diageo plc retained 60 of which 30 were sold at The Royal Lochnagar Distillery
- Gerard Dwyer, 1st Oct '08
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