Koskenkorva Salmiakki Liqueur

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Koskenkorva Salmiakki Liqueur
50cl / 32%
Finland's Koskenkorva has come up with this liqueur based on their award-winning vodka and that peculiarly Scandinavian commodity: salt-liquorice. We know, we know - it sounds vile, but our fair-haired friends absolutely adore it.
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CountryFinlandFlavourSalt Liquorice
Customer Reviews:(16 reviews)
My husband's favourite drink! Always a good present, he's never disappointed... So nice he finds it hard to make the bottle last a long time! ;)
- anonymous, 9th Aug '13
My husband tried this at the Scandinavian show in London and has loved it ever since! Sweet liquorice liqueur he says is the best drink ever!
- anonymous, 22nd May '13
Visited Finland 3 times - lots of shots of this drink! One of my friends here in Canada has made his own recipe. Quite good!
- anonymous, 9th Apr '13
Try making a shot consisting of 20ml of this and 20ml of Baileys. It's called Grandmama's Slipper, and it looks like one too. Despite the name, the shot is really great!
- anonymous, 23rd Mar '13
Here in Finland this is almost a must in parties, and one of the most popular shots in bars. And if you like this, i advice you to try the salmiakki-fruit mix called Hotti. If you can get your hands on it.
- Johnny K., 28th Dec '12
Got it as a gift from a finnish friend. We were 4 friends that tried it and it was gone in less than 5 minutes... we loved it!
- Rocko, 6th Dec '11
very very perculiar. akin to licking the tyres of a car that has driven on salted roads, yet not entirely unpleasant, though mostly so. i picked up a bottle at the rotherhithe finnish church christmas market a few years ago and entertained guests with it for a while. do rather need another bottle now. tends to last, and few want another glass after tasting.
- anonymous, 5th Dec '11
I would love to find this in America! I had it in Finland. Best if sipped after being kept in the freezer.
- TomTheTechnician, 11th Mar '11
I always thought salmiakki was a greek dance!
- Zorfin, 18th Jan '11
Drink it really cold, it's fabulous! Wish it was more widely available in the U.K.
- Reg Bluebottle, 22nd Dec '10
Salmiakki is definitely an acquired taste in my opinion.. I lived in Finland for 3 months and hated it... and now that I've been back in the USA for half a year I want a bottle of this lol...
- anonymous, 21st Dec '10
nothing better than a tot of salmiakkithe fins have some great drink,s long drinks with gin, and vanilla cider etc but the 1st prize goes to salty liquorice vodka.
- anonymous, 1st Dec '09
This is pure luxury. Sip of red wine, sip of salmiakki.
- anonymous, 5th Nov '09
I lived in Finland for a year and could not get it in the UK, but found it here and loving it - thank you!
- anonymous, 25th Oct '09
I lived in Finland for a year and gained a taste for this. Now that I'm back in the USA I can't live without it!
- anonymous, 1st May '09
one American really liked it, candy...
- anonymous, 8th Jan '09
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