Compass Box Orangerie Whisky Infusion

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Compass Box Orangerie Whisky Infusion
70cl / 40%
The famous, and beautifully-packaged Orangerie 'whisky infusion' from Compass Box. Smooth Scotch whisky infused with the hand-zested peel of Navalino oranges and subtle accents of Indonesian cassia bark and Sri Lankan cloves. Orangerie is not officially liqueur as it doesn't have the requisite additional sugar - with this much flavour, it doesn't need it.
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Tasting Notes:
Producer's Tasting Notes
Fascinating aromas of fresh-peeled orange and Christmas cake spices rise from the glass.
On the palate, soft, rich whisky flavours blend with hints of vanilla, cassia bark and clove, offset by sweet-natured orange.
Customer Reviews:(12 reviews)
amazing. like all whiskey, its about personal taste. i agree with the christmas in a glass comment. it has a fantastic aroma, its very dry, very oily, the whiskey is in the background, but it doesn't hide. it's not your everyday dram but its incredibly unique and definitely worth a try.
- pluggy, 12th Dec '12
It's whisky Jim, but not as we know it.
- anonymous, 27th Jun '11
This is my favourite whisky (after Highland Park). It is NOT sweet, but a high quality whisky with an additional complexity of spicy orange notes (drink at room temp, no ice). I have passed it round to my whisky drinking friends and all have liked it It had been banned for a while (by Scotch whisky Assoc as not marketable as a whisky), good to see it back
- nemesis, 16th Dec '10
very nice, i was expecting much sweeter like a liqueur but it is basically whisky with a hint or orange... a nice alternative :)
- Chaz, 24th Nov '10
that is why he said he was very suprised to read it and used a well known acronym for 'in my honest opinion.'in no part does he write off another review as 'wrong.'
- steve, 6th Jul '10
Well you can't really say the above review is wrong, just like he cannot say you are wrong. It's all about your own personal palate; no one else can tell you what something tastes like to you.
- cweidler, 15th Jun '10
Very surprised to read above review. yes, the aroma is great, but imho the palate more than matches up - i love it!! I don't think its necessarily an acquired taste, or if it is i acquired it immediately :)
- papa doop, 6th Jan '10
The only thing going for this concoction is its great aroma. It has an unbalanced, horrible taste that claws at the back of your throat. Not subtle. Certainly an acquired taste.
- anonymous, 5th Jan '10
I tasted this at a spirit tasting. I can only describe it like the scene in the original Willy Wonka movie when the girl chews the gum that is an entire meal. Each flavor hits your tounge at different times, it was amazing. Christmas in a Glass!
- Kimberly, 4th Dec '09
thiw whisky is simply amazing. never tasted something similar before. thanks for making and selling this pleasue of life!
- Nic, 22nd Jun '09
Excellent stuff, a really nice subtle spicing to start and then the orange peel really kicks in with a vengeance on the finish. It's like Green and Black's Maya Gold in a glass.
- Doug J, 17th Jan '09
- anonymous, 5th Nov '08
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