Black Grouse (Famous Grouse)

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Black Grouse (Famous Grouse)
70cl / 40%
Blended Scotch Whisky
A timely innovation from Famous Grouse - this blend is based on peated Islay malts, and promises 'reassuring smoothness with aromatic, peaty flavours'.
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Tasting Notes:
Producer's Tasting Notes

Nose: Peaty-smoke then delicate sweetness.  Golden raw sugar with traces of malt and oak.

Palate: Subtle smoky-sweet tones.  A silky smooth delivery with hints of cocoa and spice.

Finish: Long, peaty, aromatic.  Gentle smokiness, giving way to a resonant oaky note.

Customer Reviews:(51 reviews)
Generally lacks complexity, but has a good sweet smokey flavour and is wonderful value. It lacks a decent finish but if you are an Islay fan this could be for you at a third of the price of the better known brands. There is obvious a comparison with Black Bottle and I actually prefer this blend although BB has a more authentic Islay taste.
- Jonty B, 5th January
I'm no snob but I love Laphroaig and I find the Black to be enjoyable, mellow, and satisfying.
- Lawrence, 28th Dec '13
I like to try a wide variety of whiskies and bought this based on Jim Murray's 94pt review. The peat/smoke is more subtle than I expected but still significant compared to the vast majority of blends I have tasted. It's not as deep or complex as a decent Island or Islay single malt but for a blend and for the money I think it's a great buy.
- The Colonel, 8th Apr '13
Not to my taste, the smokiness overpowers, like sipping from an ashtray.
- anonymous, 26th Dec '12
great as a whisky mac.
- anonymous, 30th Oct '12
I do prefer a malt , however, as a blend this is very very good, particularly if you enjoy Islay whisky's. out comes the peaty smokey nose and taste along with some other inland flavours which add diversity. Just ordered 2 bottles.
- Ken. Aberdeen Scotland, 4th Oct '12
Not bad, but IMO it's a little unbalanced - the smokiness on top of the not-very-complex malt flavours just doesn't feel so great. It's somewhat more interesting than the standard Grouse, but Black Bottle would seem a better choice when looking for this kind of flavour profile and price range.
- anonymous, 27th Sep '12
Got this as a birthday present - thought it'd be a bit average but delighted and surprised at the peaty taste with sweet smoothness. Enjoying a generous dram right now (working well with a huge iceball). Recommended.
- Reg, 20th Sep '12
This a very good blended whisky. Soft, balanced, slightly smoky, fruity, and some subtle tar too. But this could so much more: 46 % vol, 12 year old, no colour added and unchillfiltered. Of course, they will never do it.
- Mikko, 24th Jul '12
nice blend which i serve over ice with a splash of filtered water. it comes out similar to a good bourbon imho.
- anonymous, 8th May '12
ive just bought my first bottle of black grouse i found it to be very smooth and good value for money
- anonymous, 29th Apr '12
i felt some black olive paste taste. at first couldn't find out what it was but in the end : voila
- arda, 6th Mar '12
A somewhat rough blend, I wouldn't recommend it drunk straight. Makes a quite acceptable winter warmer, though, when mixed with Mather's Black Beer.
- Grant Melville, Falkirk, 3rd Mar '12
I drop a big ice cube in a glass and pour BG on top. After 30 min it has settled into a more aromatic state. Not the greatest in the world, but a very good buy. Stockholm, Sweden
- anonymous, 24th Jul '11
I agree with many people on the bitter aftertaste. Starts well; the peat overwhelms most of the tastebuds. Where most single Islay malts develop into more complex flavours, this disappears into mid range obscurity; like a hifi turned up too loud. Theres almost something gin-like in the finish. Stick to Black Bottle for day to day, Talisker or Caol Ila for Fridays and Bruichladdich 15yo Second Edition for special occasions.
- Nick, 21st Jun '11
A little bit smokier and peatier than most deluxue blends, but certainly not a peat monster. A simple, one-dimensional flavour but hey, what a *lovely* flavour it is ! Reminds me of a good creme brulee. Really yum yummy. Not very complex, it does not demand close attention but it is VERY smooth and easy drinking and brings a lovely soft warmness to your belly. I enjoyed it and thought it was worth the price.
- Kelly, 8th Mar '11
A nice dram with it's smokey nose
- Mr E, 19th Feb '11
Very smokey taste. Surprised at first to find out it was a blend. Well worth the money!
- Riggers, 31st Dec '10
I do not like it much neat,although that is how I drink most scotches.I read someones suggestion to add 6-8 drops of water and leave for half an hour.I tried it and now love it,it becomes much sweeter and has a much better finish.
- Richard., 14th Dec '10
Daughter bought a bottle today sadly everyone wanted to taste it.Not quite as good as talisker but well worth the price will definitely buy again.Terrific Whisky
- John M, 27th Nov '10
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