Gammel Dansk Liqueur

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Gammel Dansk Liqueur
70cl / 38%
A relatively modern liqueur bitters, having been invented in Denmark in 1964, Gammel Dansk contains 29 natural ingredients and is the second best-selling spirit in its native country, producing over 4 million litres per year.
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Customer Reviews:(4 reviews)
Have had it from a friend in Denmark. Best straight drink on the market.
- anonymous, 28th Dec '13
I have called around the country . have been told it is no longer imported. Am trying to find a way. Looking for more people who want gammeldansk and will do whatever it takes! be in touch if you do.
- laura jinishian, 30th Dec '12
wonderful sister-in-law and I love this product. So hard to find in the US....hope I can order here. I've been looking for the last year!
- anonymous, 18th Nov '12
Somewhat medicinal, but works wonders after overindulgant eating, with a milder taste than a Fernet Branca or Unterberg bitters.
- anonymous, 13th Dec '09
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