Ardbeg Blasda

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Ardbeg Blasda
70cl / 40%
Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Distillery Bottling
One of the most talked-about releases of 2008: Ardbeg Blasda is a lesser-peated version of many people's favourite Islay malt, being just 8ppm in bottle (as opposed to the standard 10yo's 23ppm).
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More Details:
CountryScotlandRegionIslayBottlerDistillery BottlingBottling StatusDiscontinuedChill FilteredYesNo of Bottles1800 for UK
Tasting Notes:
Producer's Tasting Notes

Nose:  Deliciously sweet and refreshing. On first nosing, the aroma is reminiscent of baked banoffie pie and roast chestnuts. On further nosing, cloves, pine cones and fresh mint rise from the glass, softened by creamy vanilla custard.  A tingle of lemon and lime marmalade cuts through the vanilla with spiced pears followed by a breath of menthol and sea salt.  Deep ripe fruits fuse with almond and vanilla.  

With water, the sweet effervescence of sherbet vanilla and chocolate limes burst from the liquid. A bouquet of scented violet, narcissus and chrysanthemum bring a sparkling ethereal fragrance. Cured ham with a dusting of white pepper and cinnamon is served with gentle smoked fish and green peppers, with a sprig of leafy mint on top.

Taste: Refreshing, silky and creamy to the palate, the initial sip is sweet with a mixture of sugared almonds, marzipan and hints of dried fruits. Gentle peat oils well up on the palate, remaining soft, clean and dry with a dusting of powdery parma violets. Tangy lemon juice and orange rind freshen the palate with a gentle fizz. Later tingling spices and creamy cappuccino bring a gentle warmth.

Finish: The finish is medium in length and tingly with a refreshing balance of chrysanthemum tea, clean lemon zest, creamy vanilla and hints of cinnamon spiced apple.  

Customer Reviews:(12 reviews)
I liked this when I first tried it. Maybe its not for Ardbeg peat freaks but lighter than the 10 year old and very refreshing. It doesn't always have to be really intense (like a hot curry for the curry freaks). I like to chill to this one. Spend time with it and relax...
- Peter S, 22nd Oct '12
Many negative responses on this Whisky but to me its the gateway to the peaty and smokey whiskies, I really like it to be franck.... especially considering the fact that I normally only drink Highland/speyside whiskies. I am now hungry to try and taste further.
- Julliet Romeo, 28th Dec '11
If you are new to whisky try the 10yo don't wean yourself on this.
- anonymous, 1st Mar '11
I found this little number in Jordan last weekJings, crivins and help ma Boab its a wee cracker of a dram. A very useful starting point for the Homer Simpson malt whisky drinkers of this world
- Rastus Mcphee of the Great Glen, 7th Oct '10
This may well go down as Ardbeg's great mistake. Pleae don't sell this magnificent distillery short with offerings such as this!
- Dr William Short, 10th Mar '10
As a collector and keen drinker of Ardbeg for many years - long before it became a 'cult whisky' - I think that this offering should be renamed Ardbeg BLANDA. It really is a poorly presented malt of dubious quality from a great distillery!
- terry p, 2nd Feb '10
I sampled this malt, and found to be an extraordinary whisky. It's a peaty, creamy milk, as i remember. Ardbeg 10 is better, but it's not a bad drink.
- anonymous, 29th Jan '10
I love Ardbeg and have tried many, many expressions but this one is truly awful. It is a pure marketing ploy to create an Ardbeg for whisky drinkers who prefer bland offerings! Aussi-sheragh you need to taste real Ardbegs!
- anonymous, 7th Jan '10
This new lighter peaty Ardbeg is Absolutely Amazing! Don't pass up this one up.
- Gregory, 27th Dec '09
I do not agree with the second comment - actually Blasda opened up the Ardbeg's world for me. I started with Blasda, than Uigedal and now I am sipping the Renaissance!
- aussi_sheragh, 14th Dec '09
If you look at the producers notes it is one of mankinds greatest feats! However as a confirmed Ardbeg fanatic this is just about their greatest blunder. I realise they may want to be as market aware as those Laddie executives but this is not what Ardbeg is about or why it was reopened. You have a superb and unique product - don't sell yourselves short!
- trebor, 20th Nov '09
I only had a sample, but it was enough for me to want a bottle. Certainly not as peaty as the typical Ardbeg but it does retain the complexity. I agree with producers tasting notes, definate vanillla, dried fuits almost xmas cake to me, with some sea salt.
- S Bennetto, 19th Sep '09
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