Claytons Kola Tonic

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Claytons Kola Tonic
Claytons Kola Tonic is a very unique drink mix first sold in the 1880's. The heart of the drink is genuine West African Kola Nut extract, a well-known natural stimulant. Clayton's can be mixed with gin, rum, vodka, beer and stout, or lemonade, ginger ale, ginger beer, soda water or orange juice.
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Customer Reviews:(2 reviews)
Very unique. A bittersweet taste with citrus notes if drunk straight on the rocks and very refreshing if mixed with ginger ale or lemon lime. And yes, it does give you a boost. I like to drink it in the early evening and it keeps me going.
- anonymous, 6th Jul '09
Fascinating drink giving a definite energy boost from the Kola Nut extract which the drink is based on. Works well over ice or mixed with gin, rum , vodka or orange juice, ginger beer. Can easily become a daily habit.
- anonymous, 24th Mar '09
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