Spirytus Delikatesowy Vodka

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Spirytus Delikatesowy Vodka
50cl / 95%
At a full 95% alcohol by volume, this is the strongest spirit on the commercial market. Alcohol at this strength can be very dangerous if consumed to excess - this should never be drunk neat, but rather used very sparingly as a 'float' to give cocktails an extra kick.
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Customer Reviews:(39 reviews)
I've always had my spirytus (the vodka, not the brand) cut with wild cherry juice; it's how they serve it in Southeastern Poland where my family is from. In US, I would recommend a good unadulterated cherry juice as the mixer, e.g. R.W.Knudsen "Just Plain Cherry" which is available at out local Giant Supermarket. Na Zrdowie!
- Stas, 5th May
When I visited family in Poland, one bottle yeilded 2.5 bottles of spirits. So purchase 2 to yield 5. We use fresh honey to cut, as we lived on a farm. It was the best. Enjoy.
- Tom, 19th Dec '13
I used to take shots of this in Japan. Good times!
- Joe, 31st Jan '13
im from poland and spirytus with warm tea is the best thing you can drink in winter ;)
- Marcin, 9th Mar '12
No one in Poland drinks this alone, you fouls. It's for making cocktails and liqueurs!
- iwo, 7th Sep '11
This is not vodka!!!!! This is pure alcohol. I recommend:1 bottle of Spirytus 1 bottle of Martini(1L) 1 bottle of tonic (Kinley is the best) 1kg of lemon (add juice to the mixture) mix everything together and enjoy!
- Raf, 18th Aug '11
I've tried 90% before and i'm guessing this is stronger, but you never know I'll have to buy a bottle or two and get some mates over for a BBQ and see there faces when i make them try it.
- anonymous, 9th Aug '11
Is this the same stuff that EverClear- 190 proof?
- Isma, 3rd Aug '11
Had a bottle of this for a very messy house party!This really is genius..... left dozens of burnt holes on my lawn, numbed my mouth for at least 2 hours, nearly killed a number of people AND after all that.... still re-lit the BBQ at 4 a.m. On a seriouse note, it's more of a novelty. Too strong to really appreciate and no real flavours to pick out, again the strength hides everything else!!!
- Toby the drinks rep!!!, 12th Jul '11
Don't tell us you have lost your brand new dancing shoes, Ska's the rythem you have to dance even if you've got the blues. From norh to south, from east to west, from head to toe you feel that This. Is. SKA!Should be a good night t'inks...
- Church, 13th Jun '11
Tried this stuff a few nights ago and had it straight, definitely made my eyes water, I managed to finish off the whole shot glass by sipping it rather that shotting it in one go. Not too bad, actually tastes ok, although I wouldn't recommend you shot it in one go.
- Gazza, 29th Mar '11
my good friend seb gave me some all the way from poland, WOW,its the strongest stuff i have tasted since appletons rum,
- anonymous, 20th Feb '11
its amazing
- , 31st Dec '10
It's definately 95%, strongest thing i've ever had in my life!
- anonymous, 25th Dec '10
Had some last night, it tasted good neat and with a mixer, i'd definatley buy this again :)
- anonymous, 19th Dec '10
It's great for making herbal tinctures!
- Talon, 8th Dec '10
i was in the Marine Corps in japan when i discovered this drink. quick and effective.
- anonymous, 3rd Dec '10
You better believe it - 95% alcohol and every % burns like hell.....it's the only dry tasting liquid I've ever had - strips all the oils out of your mouth and throat.Great fun, but handle with care; not much hangover after though!!
- Wolf, 23rd Sep '10
Ive had this stuff a couple of years ago now, its like swallowing fire. And as no one else has picked up on this, DONT SMOKE WHILST DRINKING THIS STUFF.
- anonymous, 13th Jun '10
Awesome stuff - had the worst toothache EVER on saturday night - used this stuff as a mouth wash (couldnt swallow it neat) although it burnt my mouth it killed the toothache - which later needed a root canel filling! Definately 95%
- anonymous, 19th Apr '10
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