Pisco Capel Reservado

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Pisco Capel Reservado
70cl / 40%
An American oak aged Muscatel pisco from Chile, presented in a bottle modelled after one of the Moai statues from Easter Island.
Not Available This product is currently out of stock. when this product is available.
Customer Reviews:(1 review)
I knew this Pisco by Capel thanks to my grand-parents after a travel they did in Chile some years ago. In their bags, they brought back 2 of those funny shape bottles of Pisco Capel.This Pisco (by Capel) is really good! And it's even better once I modify it in Pisco Sour. With some ice cubes in your glass, it's absolutely perfect!More of that, when you bring this bottle on table after a dinner, you can be sure to have a great success with your guests.
- Fr?d?ric, 3rd Feb '11
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