Bowmore 17 Year Old

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Bowmore 17 Year Old
75cl / 43%
Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Distillery Bottling
For many people, this is the best standard bottling Bowmore, with a well-rounded palate, great complexity, and citrus, chocolate and brine mingling with the peat.
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Customer Reviews:(6 reviews)
My girlfriends daughter bought me a two miniature box set for Christmas. One was a 12 year old, and one was a 17 year old. Both superb. The 17 is smokier, and a little smoother but both are well rounded, with a fabulous finish. I am a big fan of Bells and this is my first foray into single malts. I can say that it won't be my last, and i look forward to buying more of the Bowmore brand. Highly recommended. A must for any lover of fine scotch whiskies.
- Chris, 6th May '12
Alex: It could well have been an old bottle - recipes change over time and as air gets to a whisky it can lose some of its smokiness. If the bottle in the bar had been open for a while or bought some years ago it probably will taste different.
- TWE Admin, 13th Jan '12
My friend and I are confused. we tried a bowmore 17yr old at a fancy hotel in Cape Town, Sth Africa. Now we bought the bottle that's illustrated above and it tastes way too smokey. I don't get it, is there a bowmore 17r old blend?? rather than a single malt?? are their other single malts from different barrels? please let us know at [email protected]
- Alex at [email protected], 13th Jan '12
I reckon I know my malts but the 17 yo Bowmore is one of the finest,smoothest malts I've drunk. My last bottle was a gift from one of my sons and tasted even better as a result
- Ian Gilbert, 18th Nov '11
I don't know the lingo, but I know what I like and Bowmore 17 is very near the top of my 'all-time best' list for scotch.
- anonymous, 9th Mar '11
One of the best whiskies ever created. The nose is flirtatious and a bit gentle, deceptive to what lay in store for the tongue. Citrus. Lilac. Chocolate. A burst of complexity, with an overall sense of pure Lavender, as if from your garden. The finish is deep and warm, yet very gentle. This is amazing stuff.
- Troy Johnson, 3rd Nov '07
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