Grey Goose Vodka / Gallon

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Grey Goose Vodka / Gallon
450cl / 40%
A huge 4.5 litre bottle of Grey Goose vodka, distilled in France and known for its excellent quality. Please note that this really is a big bottle.
(£430.83 ex. VAT)
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Customer Reviews:(16 reviews)
Anonymous: We've not seen a Citron this big.
- TWE Admin, 4th Jan '12
do they have a CITRON this size ?
- anonymous, 4th Jan '12
Love the stuff, pure taste, the bottle is in a league of its own :)
- JJ, 10th Oct '11
I was at a very elite club in Paris this new year, and some guy no older than 23 had a bottle of this sat in a cooler. It sent a message that he was rich and he was no afraid to prove it. Id imagine it must of cost him atleast 1000 euros to have that in a club. The whole point of this like any other double magnum or bigger bottle is to show off.
- anonymous, 8th Jan '11
The whole point of the production costs of making a 4.5 litre bottle seems mute when a 6 litre Belvedere (a far superior vodka) costs half.
- E. William, 5th Jan '11
do they still come with a pump? How do you pour it? :s
- Vicky, 28th Nov '10
Everyone has there own personal Vodka they prefer that stand out from the rest. This is made for those type of people to have in there home or office. Its not about the cost at all...
- anonymous, 11th Aug '10
Regardless of whether one may consider this product to be expensive or not, there is no denying that these bottles look rather impressive.
- James Saville, Liverpool, 18th Jul '10
The difference maybe big but as he said what are the extra cost for bottling by hand, new production line and I'd be fairly certain that it may not say limited but it will be on the basis not many are sold. Sure the profit margin will still be huge but the increase in costs does account for a lot
- anonymous, 20th Apr '10
No doubt it will have a higher margin than a 70cl, but it has to be worth doing for the manufacturer. For reference a bespoke bottle mould of that size might well be in the region of £100,000 and half of that again for a bottling line changepart to handle it.
- anonymous, 19th Apr '10
The point is that in order to produce a "bottle" there needs to be a good deal of money invested in things like bottle moulds, changeparts for the line etc etc. As with anything this size, it will never sell as much as a 70cl bottle therefore the economy of scale is massively less for products fot his size. Whilst the vodka might be not expensive to produce (the UK duty would be far more expensive than the liquid itself), the technical cost of making gallons and other unusual sizes are huge.
- anonymous, 19th Apr '10
That's just the price you pay for something a bit special and luxurious I suppose. If you don't like it, luckily you don't have to buy one. Wish I could afford it for my father-in-law though. He'd love it.
- anonymous, 10th Oct '09
i bought 3 for a party....looks the biz though! but true, very expensive!!
- Captain, 2nd Sep '09
People don't seem to realise that these bottles are far more expensive to produce. As with large-format champagnes and clarets, the price is always significantly higher than the equivalent per bottle price. These bottles don't fit on a normal bottling line, so they have to be filled by hand, ever think of that? Also, for what it's worth, I don't think the normal bottles come in a wooden box, either. To expect this kind of bottle to be the price of the equivalent number of normal bottles is just naive.
- anonymous, 30th Apr '09
if the price was inline with the 70cl bottle, id buy one
- mark, 30th Apr '09
i had one of these on new years and it was the most amazing drink i have ever had! looked and felt like a superstar!
- Amir, 10th Jan '09
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