Talisker 57' North

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Talisker 57' North
70cl / 57%
Island Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Distillery Bottling
A distillery-bottled cask strength Talisker, 57' North is deceptively smooth for a whisky at this strength, but still a muscular presence on the palate, with the pepper and chilli Talisker hallmarks very much in evidence. Picked up the top prize in its category at the World Whisky Awards 2010.

World Whiskies Awards
World Whiskies Awards 2012 - Best Island No Age Statement
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Customer Reviews:(28 reviews)
Finally, in Canada - for triple the quids...
- Toronto Tim, 12th May '13
Big and powerful but classic Talisker. The smoke on this is superb. Clearly a step up from the very good 10yo version.
- Kevin H, 22nd Apr '13
Delicious with Diet Irn Bru. Don't knock it till you've tried it. Sensational.
- anonymous, 6th Apr '13
Possibly the most complex Talisker I've encountered. Classic nose- tar, seaweed, a creosoted fence on a hot July day, lemon juice squeezed over fresh oysters, an old plastic fish crate washed up on a Hebridean beach. On the palate- more smoke mingles with honey, vanilla and pepper before the big spicy explosion leads to a long finish. The delicious fumes drift back up your throat to your nose. Stupendous, world class whisky. You won't regret buying this one.
- Finnegan, 11th Mar '13
I'm ready to go back and pick up a few more bottles.
- Howard Matthews, 10th Aug '12
Just having a dram of this after having first had a(Talisker) 10yro, an 18yro, and an 07 release 25yro.This one can hold its head high in that lofty company. Highly recomended and will always have a place in my collection.A perfect finish to a little trip to the Isle of Skye! Enjoy!
- Big Al, 5th Jun '12
The only thing this whisky needs is a glass to put it in!
- Brian J, 29th Feb '12
I agree with some of the other reviewers - this is a great whisky. It bears the unmistakable distillery hallmarks and is very smooth for a 57% peated whisky (in a good way). Perhaps a bit sweeter and not as peppery as the 10 YO but equally good in a slightly different hue. Mood alone determines whether I prefer the 10 YO or 57 North. I prefer both to the 18 YO and Distiller's Edition but still rank those versions as some of my favourite whiskies.
- Oliver, 15th Jan '12
Have just reviewed this and thoroughly enjoyed. Different to the 10 year old, unmistakably Talisker and a power house at cask strength. I will definately return to this bottling again, but I have to move on to others to try!
- Super Single Malts, 13th Jan '12
Just visited the distillery and bought a bottle of this home. For me this beats the 10yo and 18yo, which are also fantastic...
- anonymous, 9th Jan '12
Truly a phenomenal whisky! For something in this price range it is an absolute bargain, such a myriad of flavors and a great proof. Probably will go down as one of the all time greats.
- Whisk(e)y Lover, 10th Dec '11
Just finished a bottle of the 57 N. If one isn't a purist mainly concerned with age, this is a great buy and a must for having guests over on occasion.
- anonymous, 9th Nov '11
Typically more of a bourbon guy, but starting to get more into SMS and this is an incredibly wonderful whisky. Can't put all the flavors into words, but just incredibly flavorful with a long satisfying finish.
- anonymous, 26th Sep '11
perhaps not meaning coca cola?
- anonymous, 8th Sep '11
Yeh, one of the best whiskies ever from one of the best distilleries ever. At 57% it has the raw power to go with the great Islay's...and then some.
- Travis Kingdon, 26th Jul '11
Even though it's 57? it's very smooth. Typical Talisker flavours are found here, but turned upside-down: less chilli-pepper and more smoke. I like it, but I still prefer the fieriness of the 10Y.
- Tom, 28th Feb '11
Well, this is indeed one my favorites whiskies at the moment. But, I prefer it straight despite it being bottled at almost cask strength. I honestly prefer it without any water added. It is indeed smoother than the regular 10 yo Talisker, with the very characteristic flavors of Talisker and thus an unmistakable and unforgettable flavor. I find it difficult after having a dram, not having a second one... :-)
- anonymous, 21st Nov '10
Had a distillery tour at Talisker last month and came away with a bottle of this stuff. Its a fantastic whisky, but the "standard" Talisker is so good, I'm not sure 57 North is better. They said at the distillery that its not given an age because it is a blend of some very young and some quite old Taliskers.
- packrat, 4th Sep '10
probably the age is technically below ten years old as there will be some quite young whisky in there. Flavour is great, though.
- Jimbo, 12th Apr '10
would like to know the age about this whisky
- peatapal, 10th Apr '10
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