Hanyu Ichiro 2000 / Five of Spades / Bot 2008/ Sherry Finish

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Hanyu Ichiro 2000 / Five of Spades / Bot 2008/ Sherry Finish
70cl / 60.5%
Five of Spades is a full-strength Hanyu from 2000, the last year of produciton at the distillery. Finished in a refill sherry cask, this is part of the Ichiro's Card Series.
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More Details:
CountryJapanBottling StatusDiscontinuedBottling Date2008Cask TypeRefill SherryCask Number9601Chill FilteredNoNo of Bottles632
Tasting Notes:
Tasting Notes by Tim F

N:  Some alluring notes here under the expected alcohol prickle (it is 60.5% after all).  Takes a long, long time to open up at full strength.  Eventually I got some hot-buttered toast, malt loaf, raisins.  Develops some very nutty aromas - hazelnut, almond, walnut whips.  Old seasoned wood - more than you'd expect for a whisky of such relative youth.

N with water:  Much more genial and approachable, naturally.  Strong notes of polished wood, and waves of very clean malt, with a hint of briar / berries.  Again, more noticeable wood influence than expected.

P:  Big nuttiness to the fore, but again, at full strength the alcohol is almost too much to handle.  This definitely needs a drop or two of water.
(With water):  Woody and peppery, with dried apricots, lingering spices, nuts and a hint of tweed.

F:  Pretty hot at full strength.  Water tames it but it remains very long, with hot, lingering chilli pepper and woody spices.

C:  A real curio.  For a young whisky it seems both very heavily-wood influenced and also quite old-fashioned in style.  Certainly if tasted blind I'd have made a fool of myself - I'd never have picked this as Japanese, and probably would have guessed it as a 15-18 yrs old Highlander.  Definitely needs water.

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