Laphroaig 25 Year Old / Cask Strength / Bot.2011

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Laphroaig 25 Year Old / Cask Strength / Bot.2011
70cl / 48.6%
Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Distillery Bottling
The cask strength bottling of Laphroaig 25yo is a very different beast to the old 25yo (and in our opinion, upping the strength is a big improvement). Rich and smouldering, with a big coal hit and a lingering seaweed character. We said at the time that this was tremendous stuff, and now it's only gone and won the IWSC Trophy for Best Cask Strength Single Malt.
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Tasting Notes:
Tasting Notes by Tim F

Nose:  Quite farmyardy to begin with, then wet flax, linen and a delicious sooty smoke - the signature Laphroaig coaldust aroma. Old school Laphroaig of the best kind.

Palate:  Richer than expected, with both a big coal hit and a syrupy, sherried sweetness.  Very seaweedy.  Develops woodsmoke.  Power, sweetness and complex peat / smoke characteristics, with a reassuring weight on delivery.  An accomplished, polished dram.

Finish:  Very long, with a big spicy tingle and the sweetness coming through.  Long coal burn.  Salty.  Wow, this really is long.  Terrific.

Comment:  Much, much better, in this reviewer's opinion, than the first batch of 25yo which was bottled at 40%.  The extra strength gives this dram a far more assertive personality.  This is classic old Laphroaig at the top of its game.

Customer Reviews:(3 reviews)
I got a bottle of this about 8 months ago. I am a newcomer to single malt, only having discovered it in the last couple of years. This was the first expensive bottle I invested in,I have since added several bottles around the same price point and I can honestly say this is still the tops for me. It's exceptional, and gets better everytime I go back to it.
- anonymous, 18th May '12
Simply spectacular, will leave you speechless. Heaven on earth. Was lucky enough to find a bottle at Heathrow duty free. Took me about .001 seconds to pull out 299 pound sterling. Much cheaper here at whisky exchange.
- anonymous, 30th May '11
Most prominent tasting note on the nose and palate is of smoked pears. What a dram, only a couple boxes left here at laphroaig.
- George Campbell (laphroaig tour guide), 28th Jul '10
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