Metaxa Private Reserve Brandy

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Metaxa Private Reserve Brandy
70cl / 40%
Metaxta's Private Reserve Brandy is the oldest expression in the range. Containing brandies aged for up to 30 years, this is rich and full-bodied yet at the same time has a real elegance.
Not Available This product is currently out of stock. when this product is available.
Customer Reviews:(6 reviews)
Excellent the best Metaxa I have drunk. I have had 3 such bottles over the past 6 years all bought in Greece. there was a special Metaxa bottled in 2008 I believe called Aeon at $820 per bottle. Out of my reach and only 1888 bottles for sale the company started in 1888. Decanter with a 24 carat Gold stopper. Would have loved to have tried. I expect all these bottles are long gone.
- Phil Meade, Bristol, 10th Dec '12
The best brandy in the world for sure!!!
- anonymous, 3rd Nov '12
Yes there are only 5000 I've got one of them and it is one of te best brandies I have ever drank, I comes out once a year on my birthday!
- anonymous, 18th Sep '12
are there only 5000 in the world ?
- anonymous, 5th Feb '11
This is the best brandy i have ever tasted.
- pat, 22nd Jul '10
bloody good it should be a 100 doller bottle to tell u the truth!
- spyros, 18th Sep '09
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