Glendronach 15 Year Old Revival / Sherry Cask

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Glendronach 15 Year Old Revival / Sherry Cask
70cl / 46%
Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Distillery Bottling
Glendronach Revival (good name!) is the culmination of nearly a year's hard work by the distillery's new owners, who have done such a marvellous job at Benriach. This Oloroso-matured Revival has already received a whopping 92 points from the highly-esteemed Serge Valentin at Whiskyfun, who compared it to Macallan Gran Reserva! Welcome back, Glendronach!

Silver Medal Winner (The Malt Maniacs Awards 2009)
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Customer rating (35 reviews)
Tasting Notes:
Tasting Notes by Whiskyfun (Serge Valentin)

This one is the brand new version under new owners and Billy Walker’s management. 100% oloroso matured.

Colour: amber.

Nose: except for the oloroso notes, this new one simply hasn’t much to do with the old 15, but it sort of kept the best parts (balsamico, mushrooms, raisins, parsley). Much cleaner but certainly not monodimensional, beautifully sherried, developing all on walnut liqueur, beef stock, hints of Madeira at some point (rather than straight sherry), soy sauce, mint sauce, a little camphor, maraschino (very obvious after a while), horse stable, coal smoke… Very complex in fact, and pretty brilliant so far. ‘Wow’.

Mouth: big, rich, nervous and wonderfully sherried, immediately remind us of some older Macallan 18s (Gran Reservas). Coffee, chocolate, prunes, dates, beef jerky, dried bananas, figs, orange liqueurs… And a very nice rancio in the background. As for spices, we have cloves, cinnamon and just a little star anise.

Finish: rather long, with the spices getting bigger and just a faint dustiness. Fades away on blackcurrant jam.

Comments: the fact that some distilleries still have such old style sherried whiskies may well be the best of recent news from the whisky world. Adorable whisky. SGP:462 - 92 points.

Customer Reviews:(35 reviews)
SuperB. As far as sherried whiskyes go ths is the must for any sherry head. it makes you feel kinda privileged when you drink this, assuming you know your whiskies. I had to stock up 6 bottles of this, it just doesnt get any better for this price. Of course there are sherry bombs in form of abunadh ( batches dependand ) and excellent glenfarclas 105 in similar price range. But this have some aura of exclusivity. When I want to treat myself Im coming back to this one.
- LukeB, 10th September
Absolutely delicious and it's easy to see why there are so many enthusiastic reviews
- Dave W, 23rd June
A stunning dram for under £50. So complex, with lots going on it will always be one of my main drinking drams. The 18 Allardice, and 12 are great too!
- anonymous, 13th June
It ticks all the boxes more me - a great dram and good value. Bottled at 46% and maturated in quality casks - What more do you want.
- Jonty B, 5th February
Exceptional whisky, worth every penny!!
- Keefy, Aberdeen, 26th January
The perfect dram
- Andrew Robertson, 17th January
I am extremely disappointed about this whisky. I dont know how can it scores so high with its dirty profile and nasty alcohol bite. Glendronach can deliver lot better editions, Revival just doesnt work for me.
- Zoran Avgustin, 18th Dec '13
Quite simply my favorite of all. Like buttery toffee, Oloroso nose and caramel finish. Best served neat in a Glencairn.
- ClarkeUSMC, 11th Dec '13
I'm not a snob, I just enjoy a good whiskey and this is simply the best I've ever had. Wish more of it were available.
- Jerry, 5th Dec '13
Just buy it, best whisky for the price hands down.
- anonymous, 18th Jul '13
Nose, sherry, sweet caramel, winter spices Taste, sweet, toffee, spice, taste of the sherry oak. Christmasy Finish, smooth sweet taste with lingering spice and warming feeling This is a lovely dram. Can't argue with the price and a must buy for all sherry cask lover's. SPECIAL :-)
- Paul Bradford, Liverpool, 18th Mar '13
This has a lot of great elements to it. Sherry, touch of smoke, dark caramel, fruity, lovely oily mouth feel. There is the right amount of complexity there and the price is right.
- anonymous, 27th Jan '13
Going on recomendations from online reviewers may be foolhardy but in this case the sheer weight of opinion here tells a stroy. I can't claim that it is peerless in this price range because I haven't tried enough but its certainly the best I have tasted below fifty pounds.
- anonymous, 31st Jul '12
A fantastic whisky still one of my favourites lovely toffee notes with a warming malty growth on the palate. I still prefer this over my Glenfarclas 15. Buy it. Buy it now.
- Andy, 4th Jul '12
I have the 12 -- on a recommendation. it's so good. Now I'm really wanting to try the 15. Big or small sip - never any added waters - it is incredible.
- dickens, 3rd Jun '12
Non chill filtered. No added colouring. A gorgeous nose followed by an unforgettable taste and finish that will have your taste buds gagging for another sip. This really did satisfy my sweet tooth.
- Luke, 15th Apr '12
Quite simply the best heavily sherried whisky I have tried. Yes, Macallan, Glenfarclas and Aberlour all produce excellent stuff, but this Glendronach just edges it. Fantastic.
- Manu, 24th Jan '12
This is a stunner! Big bursts of frothy red fruit, sherry of the highest quality. Wow! A finish that echoes an eternity. Highly recommended!
- Jason's Scotch Whisky Reviews, 28th Nov '11
I recently was treated to the (new green label) Glendronach 15. The nose is full with a wonderful sweet sherry. On the tongue is a luscious hot buttery toffee with a very nice caramel finish. Wonderful neat and I fear even a drop of water may disturb the wonderful texture of this amazing whisky.
- ClarkeUSMC, 27th Oct '11
I just opened a bottle of this Whisky. I bought it due to the comments on this site and I wasn't disappointed to say the least. My first dram was just superb as I love the deep sherried malts like The Balvenie Sherry Oak 17 year old and this one. I like the texture of this one, on the heavy side. I am going to buy a few more just to have around the house. I agree with the 90 rating that some of the popular whisky tasting sites have given this malt.
- anonymous, 27th Oct '11
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