Beluga Vodka

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Beluga Vodka
70cl / 40%
A classic Russian vodka, clean and crisp with a little bit of grain flavour. Perfect for drinking straight, as is the Russian way, Beluga has become a huge word of mouth success story since first pitching up on these shores in 2009. Beluga is made, unusually, with barley malt spirit, and is very lightly flavoured with honey and extracts of oat and milk thistle.
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Customer Reviews:(19 reviews)
Heard about it but didn't try it for the longest time. Recently eating at The Russian Tea Room in New York I thought no better time and place so I had my usual on the rocks with a couple of olives and was very pleasantly surprised. Simply put, it's my new Vodka.
- anonymous, 16th May
Makes Grey Goose and Kettle One taste like poison.. Best Vodka I have ever had period.
- anonymous, 17th January
My fave and one of the top dogs imho. :) Smoother than Belvedere and Ketel One I've tasted recently - not too sweet like some other players in the market, but the best taste and finish hands down. The water is the key in vodkas and although there are others that went under many distillation processes, Beluga's silky smoothness is definitely giving a run for their money. ;)
- anonymous, 13th Oct '13
I was introduced to beluga ,after a rather stressful days riding ,700kms. nth of vladikavkaz Wow,this is the real deal !!
- Terry, 9th Aug '13
Had this in Bishkek w/ some Fish Stew and Beef Carpaccio. Great stuff!
- anonymous, 20th Oct '12
A Russian neighbour on our Costa del Sol development gave me a bottle as I was raving about the finer points of Grey Goose. Beluga is just the business the absolute Rolls Royce of vodkas in my opinion.
- anonymous, 19th Oct '12
Received my first bottle August 2012 - Excellent quality. Easily the best I have had.
- Terry Phillips, 6th Sep '12
I am married to a lady of Russian origin, and as such am privy to many aspects of Russian culture , and not least, vodka. I have tried many Vodkas of various origins, Moldavian, Polish, Ukranian, and even the French version, Grey Goose, but since I had tried Beluga, simply there has been no other equal. It's in a league of its own by virtue of it's quality that is truly relected by the taste and the ease of drinking, that can be radical with vodka. It is Noble!
- ag, 20th Aug '12
Bought it on an impulse in London one day and regretted it by the time I'd gotten home, however upon trying it just wow! Easily one of the best vodkas I have ever had, blows other premium vodkas like Grey Goose, Ciroc etc. Out of the water and makes drinks like Smirnoff comparable to jet fuel!
- anonymous, 22nd Jun '12
After spending a period of time in Siberia, whenever I asked a local what the best Russian vodka was, Beluga was always the answer. Highly recommended. And best served straight from the freezer, in true Russian style!
- anonymous, 7th Nov '11
my Husband bought it in Riga. delicious with caviar
- babajaga, 1st Nov '11
I just got a bottle of vodka Beluga from what I read here makes me very curious to test it but at the same time like I Always keep the collection curiosity taste and I think it will win her undoing I will return to comment on taste
- claudiu, 11th Sep '11
Tried it in a bar in Barcelona recently, one of the finest vodkas om the market, a must buy for anyone that appreciates luxury vodka. Miles above brands like Grey Goose.
- anonymous, 18th Jan '11
wife brought me a bottle from Moscow airport, for my collection. best I've ever had,
- anonymous, 4th Jan '11
I had this in Moscow I think this is best Vodka I've tasted
- keith kelly, 15th Dec '09
opera and beluga in St.P - fantastic!
- anonymous, 24th Oct '09
Had it in Korea, great vodka
- anonymous, 17th Oct '09
Tried it with a great lunch meal in St. Petersburg - Fabulous! Trying to find it now in the US
- anonymous, 21st Jul '09
Tried it for the first time in Amsterdam. Incredibly smooth, best I ever tasted
- anonymous, 6th Jul '09
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