Beluga Gold Line Vodka

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Beluga Gold Line Vodka
70cl / 40%
A super premium vodka from Beluga. Gold Line is an impressively crisp and pure spirit packaged in an extravagant leather box, complete with small hammer and brush to aid in the clean removal of the wax that seals the bottle.
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Customer Reviews:(12 reviews)
- anonymous, 25th Sep '12
Great taste, thanks Mike
- anonymous, 27th Apr '12
My girlfriend brought this back from work, I'm not a great vodka drinker but this stuff is great quality. A real pleasure to drink neat. A real experience with friends and worth the money.
- seamus, 26th Apr '12
personally i like this vodka because it doesnt taste like vodka. would reccomend to all people who dont like strong, course, vodka!
- Gary Oldman, 14th Feb '12
I enjoyed Beluga Gold Line forthe first time in Moscow in 2008 and have shared it with great friends. It is superb!
- Ken W., 15th Dec '11
Will never want to drink any other vodka again. This was simply the best.
- Jacqueline Edinburgh, 9th Nov '11
never been a big vodka drinker,but as a spirit this is top class dont waste this in cocktails it can be drank neat,like liquid silk as only a russian could make.
- bobby, 17th Sep '11
Amazing quality - worth every penny
- anonymous, 29th Aug '11
The Russian Word Beluga must translate into smooth. Best vodka I have ever tried.
- anonymous, 29th Apr '11
Best vodka,no doubt about it,straight,martini,rocks...I enjoy it every day!!
- Tomas, 31st Mar '11
best vodka ever i drink
- anonymous, 13th Feb '10
Very smooth worth the money
- anonymous, 28th Dec '09
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