Bols 6 Year Old Corenwyn Jenever

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Bols 6 Year Old Corenwyn Jenever
100cl / 40%
A 6 year old Bols Corenwym, made from a mainly malt based distillate, flavoured with juniper and aged in oak casks.
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Customer Reviews: (4 reviews)
If your having trouble getting hold of this locally, we are actually based within the UK and can have this delivered to you within 3-4 working days. We have a fairly regular supply of this.
- TWE Admin, 15th Nov '12
Bought a bottle of this from the house of Bols 2 years ago and have only just finished it (kept it for special occassions) like you Daz cannot find it in the UK - nevermind I guess another trip to Amsterdam is needed!!
- anonymous, 15th Nov '12
Tried this at a recent visit to the house of bols. Anyone who likes a great smooth whisky will enjoy. Trying to find some in the uk but without success. I should of bought a bottle while i was there..enjoy!
- Daz, 10th Nov '12
Bought some of this when i was in amsterdam last year. It went down a treat.
- anonymous, 13th Mar '11
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