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•  Is a friend or loved one celebrating a significant birthday?

•  Big wedding anniversary on the horizon for you or your folks?

•  Want an impressive single malt whisky as a present for your boss or father-in-law?

•  Perhaps you're looking for a whisky from the year you were born, or first met your partner.

That's where this section comes in.

Using our handy drop-down boxes you can pick a whisky gift by age or vintage, whichever suits you best.


  • Don't forget, the official age of a whisky is only the number of years it has spent maturing in the cask. As soon as a whisky is bottled it stops maturing and stays the same age - no matter what vintage it was distilled. So, for example, if a single malt made in 1980 was bottled in 2010 as a 30 year-old, it will always be a 30 year old whisky, even fifty or a hundred years later.
  • Be flexible. Don't set your heart on a particular distillery & be prepared to consider alternatives in the same style. For example, most Macallan fans will be more than happy with other sherried Speysides like Glenfarclas or Glenrothes, while Ardbeg connoisseurs will normally enjoy other peaty whiskies from Islay like Caol Ila, Laphroaig or Lagavulin.
  • Stick to vintage or age of your whisky - don't go for both. Considering whiskies that are either the right age or from the vintage you require will vastly increase your options.
  • Buying by vintage rather than age is usually cheaper. 'Official' forty year-old whiskies bottled by the distilleries themselves can be quite pricey, with some running into the thousands of pounds. But if you're looking for an early 1970s vintage whisky, prices are usually much less, generally starting around £120-150.
  • If all else fails... Have you considered another spirit? This section searches only for whisky, but we also have vintage Armagnac, Cognac and Rum. Try a general search for the vintage you require eg 1981, 1971 or 1961 and these other spirits will show up in the results.
  • And if even that doesn't work... Oh well, at least you tried. Never mind - Everyone likes a nice bottle of bubbly.