Malt of the Month: October 2014

We choose our Malt of the Month to highlight some of the great whiskies of the world. Some are well known, some less so, but you can be certain that if it's our Malt of the Month, then you won't be disappointed. This month we've chosen:

The Whisky Exchange Malt of the Month - Glenmorangie Lasanta 12 Year Old
The Whisky Exchange Malt of the Month - Glenmorangie Lasanta 12 Year Old
Glenmorangie Lasanta 12 Year Old

GlenmorangieLasanta 12 Year Old

Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky 70cl / 46% £34.45 (was £39.45) Web Exclusive Price Buy Now

Glenmorangie is one of the best-loved distilleries in the Highlands and Lasanta is one of their top-selling expressions. Pioneers in cask finishing, Glenmorangie have been experimenting with wood for years, leading to the Extra Matured range of Sauternes-finished Nectar d'Or, port-finished Quinta Ruban and sherry-finished Lasanta.

Matured for 10 years in American white oak ex-bourbon casks before being finished for two years in Oloroso sherry casks, Glenmorangie Lasanta combines the distillery's classic sweet, nutty and fruity spirit with darker notes. Lasanta is said to mean 'warmth and passion' in Gaelic, and this certainly lives up to its name.

Tasting Notes

Glass of Glenmorangie Lasanta 12 Year Old Glass of Glenmorangie Lasanta 12 Year Old

Producer's Tasting Notes

  • Nose: spices mix with smooth chocolate-covered raisins, honeycomb and caramel toffee.
  • Palate: Deliciously sweet sherry-flavoured sultanas, orange segments, walnuts and butterscotch combine to create complex warm spices.
  • Finish: Long and satisfying, with spiced orange and chocolate-covered hazelnuts.

About Glenmorangie

Glenmorangie Distillery Glenmorangie Distillery


Glenmorangie was founded in 1843 and sits by the Dornoch Firth on the edge of the town of Tain. William Matheson was granted a licence for a farm distillery on the site, named Morangie, and rebuilt what is suspected to have been an earlier illicit distillery that had operating in the early 1700s. He started production in 1849 and, apart from major refurbishment in the late 1800s and a break during the Second World War, the distillery has been in continuous operation since.


Now one of the top five single malts in the world, Glenmorangie are well-known for their experimental releases and work in the 1990s that led to cask-finishing becoming widespread. They now focus on their small core range and release well-respected limited editions that continue to collect awards and plaudits from consumers and industry experts alike.

Glenmorangie Lasanta 12 Year Old Read Reviews
The best of the four 12yr old expressions. It's the woody/nutty finish that does it for me which is delicious. Will definitely buy again.
- Beardy, 7th June
There are many reviews here with tasting notes so I'll avoid that and just state that this is very good stuff, but it has lost a bit on me over the weeks. Still, a real winter warmer. Very good!
- anonymous, 7th February
Very smooth and easy on the palate, especially with a drop of water. Wonderful stuff!
- Rob Warren, 22nd Dec '12
This one tastes so different to the Original Glenmorangie. it has a deeper aroma like dark chocolate, nutmeg, caramel and cinnamon. In the palate you can taste the sherry and a little bit of smokey citrus flavour. I would say that it is a little bit complex and even harsh un-diluted. I would recommend to have it with a splash of water as it will unlock its full flavours and aroma, improving its smoothness.
- David Vivas, 24th Nov '12
Nice smooth finish!
- Coto Bob, 3rd Oct '12
- d perry , 1st Oct '12
"Nose": Limes, oranges, raspberries, fog hanging over a bay, and brine of the sea in the air. "Palate": Powerful arrival of sweet sherry! Huge! Big and spicy, raisins, plums, prunes and oak somewhere underneath. A tad fiery upon first opening bottle. Let a week pass and what was once hot becomes great warmth. "Finish": Tingling oak, drying with smoke and somewhat winey.
- Jason's Scotch Whisky Reviews, 22nd Sep '12
Good 12YO Glenmorangie - taste as good as some other 15YO I tired before.
- Ran , 18th Jun '12
I have had all current standard Glenmorangies excepting GM25 and love them but this is at the bottom in terms of this fantatsic distillery. Look elsewhere if you are sherry inclined, maybe Balvenie Doublewood, Auchentoshan 3 Wood or a young Macallan. If you want a quality Glenmorangie at a good price go Nectar or Original.
- Travis Kingdon, 28th Jan '12
This is a great allrounder. I'm more of an Islay or Talisker fan myself but I keep a couple of smoother drams as well. This is one of the best with a good nose, a brief kick as it hits the centre of your tongue and a fantastic sweet lingering after-taste. Don't think just buy it.
- anonymous, 4th Dec '11
At first, I found the overiding taste on the palate to be a strong flavour of sultanas / raisins, I presume from the sherry casks used to finish the maturation process for this fine whisky. But after a few more single and double measures I grew to like it very much. Typical Glenmorangie..very rich, complex and alluring, and definitely as smooth as it says on the bottle. I'd definitely recommend this one purely for its quality of combined richness, and smoothness.
- anonymous, 4th May '11
Nose: Sherry! Sweet, honeyed barley, dark Chocolate/ slight liquorish bitterness perhaps, slightly briny, some slight sweet pine wood notes.Palate: Immediate sweet barley arrival. Heather honey, dark taffy, barley sugar, not a liquorish but a chocolate note that starts as dark chocolate and then turns to milk chocolate, sherry, all hit your palate at the same time and all are beautifully woven together. Finish: Crisp and lingering. A Chocolate finish. Wonderful! An after-dinner/dessert dram!
- anonymous, 2nd Sep '10
Just got this bottle and all I can say is WOW! I love it! Even more so then the highland park 12 year old I recently got. This is smooth full flavor after dinner great nosing scotch. Buy with confidence you just can't go wrong with this dram!
- anonymous, 23rd Aug '10