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Sipsmith London Dry Gin Miniature
5cl / 41.6%
Made with just ten botanicals, Sipsmith's super-stylish gin is distilled in tiny batches in the heart of Hammersmith in west London and has been cutting a swathe through the UK's style bars ever since its inception in 2008. A classic London Dry style gin with sharp contemporary packaging.

£4.55 inc. VAT (£3.79 ex. VAT)

Sipsmith Barley Vodka / Half Bottle
35cl / 40%
A dinky half-bottle of Sipsmith's trendy London vodka. Perfect for picnics.

£15.55 inc. VAT (£12.96 ex. VAT)

Sipsmith London Dry Gin / Half Bottle
35cl / 41.6%
A dinky half-bottle of Sipsmith's trendy artisan London gin.

£16.25 inc. VAT (£13.54 ex. VAT)

Sipsmith Summer Cup
50cl / 29%
A small-batch gin-based summer fruit cup from London's hottest micro-distillers Sipsmith, who have deliberately made their product stronger and slightly drier than the mighty P*mm's. Eminently suitable for garden parties, weddings or picnics, add a good quality lemonade and slices of citrus fruit and cucumber and Presto! It'll be Sipsmith O'Clock...

£19.35 inc. VAT (£16.13 ex. VAT)

Sipsmith Damson Vodka Liqueur
50cl / 28%
The second in Sipsmith's range of fruit liqueurs, following up the very successful (and really rather tasty) sloe gin. This is a sweetened infusion of Damsons in their barley based vodka for a clean fruity burst.

£24.25 inc. VAT (£20.21 ex. VAT)

Sipsmith 2013 Sloe Gin
50cl / 29%
Continuing the success of the last couple of years this is the 2013 vintage of Sipsmith's Sloe Gin. Made from their award-winning gin and rather a lot of sloe berries it's a big and fruity liqueur that's great for summer drinking on ice or nursing in front of the fire in winter.

£24.95 inc. VAT (£20.79 ex. VAT)

Sipsmith Sipping Vodka
70cl / 40%
Sipsmith's Sipping Vodka is made from English wheat. Distilled in Prudence (a 300 litre copper pot still), this is bottled unfiltered and has been designed to be sipped over ice or used in a Vesper.

£28.95 inc. VAT (£24.13 ex. VAT)

Sipsmith London Dry Gin
70cl / 41.6%
Sipsmith’s London Dry Gin is a boutique English wheat spirit distilled with ten carefully selected botanicals, and blended with the exceptionally pure water of Lydwell spring, the source of the River Thames. A classic dry style, with intense juniper balanced by citrus freshness.
IWSC 2012 - Gold Medal - Gin

£29.45 inc. VAT (£24.54 ex. VAT)

Sipsmith Summer Fruit Cup 2012 / Magnum
150cl / 29%
A magnum of Sipsmith's marvellous high-strength rival to the mighty P*mm's, made with their own top quality London-distilled small batch gin and lovingly crafted into a beverage that requires merely some fruit (think citrus and strawberries), a sprig or two of mint, some sliced cucumber and a splash of lemonade for the perfect sultry summer's evening.

£65.95 inc. VAT (£54.96 ex. VAT)


Sipsmith Independent Spirits

Sipsmith is a small independent distiller crafting truly artisanal spirits of uncompromising quality.

The spirits are distilled on a handmade 300L copper-pot still, the first to launch in London for almost two hundred years. The master distiller, Jared Brown, crafts each product by hand, in genuinely small batches – just a few hundred bottles at a time. This delivers stunning spirits that are smooth, full of character and have true intensity of flavour.

Having been gently warmed in the copper pot still, the barley spirit is then held in a 5 plate copper column, redistilling on each plate, before the Master distiller judges the optimal time to allow the spirit to come over into the spirit safe. Only the very top of the heart run that is purest, softest and fullest of flavour is retained, delivering an exceptional vodka.

For the gin, after a short burst of heat to deliver the full release of flavour, the botanicals are steeped in the still for 12 hours before a very gentle and patient distillation. The master distiller works hard to bring the botanical notes over gradually, constantly monitoring and cutting by hand to ensure the optimal balance to deliver Sipsmith’s unique intensity and character.

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