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They say that everyone's got a bit of Irish in them on St. Patrick's Day. That may be complete nonsense, but it's a good excuse for a party, right? Here's a few fun facts about St. Patrick's Day and Irish whiskey, plus a few cocktails for you to try on March 17th.

The traditional colour associated with St. Patrick was blue until the turn of 19th century.

Two letters written in Latin by St. Patrick in the fifth century still exist.

No snakes have ever lived in Ireland, as the surrounding seas are too cold for them to migrate.

There is no such plant as a shamrock – the three-leafed plants worn on St. Patrick's Day are generally clover or wood sorrel.

In the early 20th century a law was passed that pubs in Ireland had to be closed on St. Patrick's Day. This law was only repealed in the 1970s.

All the commercially available Irish whiskey on the market today is made at just three distilleries: Bushmills, Midleton & Cooley.

Bushmills is the only working distillery in Northern Ireland.

It's a myth that all Irish whiskey is triple-distilled: Cooley's single malts are all double-distilled.

The only style of whiskey that is unique to Ireland is single pot still whiskey, which is made with a mixture of malted and unmalted barley.

Although Midleton produces tens of millions of litres of grain whiskey every year for Jameson, the only commercially available Irish single grain whiskey is Greenore, from Cooley.

The benchmark Irish single malt - eminently drinkable
Our pick of the excellent
Jameson range - rich and silky
Award winning aged
single grain whiskey
from Cooley
Irish Single Malt made with a mix of peated and unpeated barley
Fabulous single pot still
whiskey - the connoisseurs
Deluxe whiskey liqueur with
delicious flavours of honey &
Multi-award winning aged
peated malt from Cooley
+ Free Hip Flask!
An extraordinarily fruity full strength
single cask bottled for TWE
Cooley's fantastic Irish Blend
Cocoa & vanilla cream flavours - a
massive hit with our customers
+ Free Mini Cocktail Shaker!
Best Irish Single Malt at the
World Whiskies Awards 2012
Northern Ireland's best standard
blend - a perennial favourite
Revolutionary peated single malt
from Cooley
Pot still whiskey aged for 12 years and finished in Malaga casks.
Potstill-heavy blend, hugely
popular in southern Ireland
Irish Whiskey of the Year in
Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2012
Aged blend of malt, grain and
single pot still whiskeys
Very easy-drinking single
malt from Cooley
Perfect St. Patrick's Cocktails
Only a few good mixed drinks recipes for Irish whiskey exist, but there are three absolute classics:
Irish Coffee

40ml Irish whiskey
(we recommend Bushmills Black Bush)

Freshly brewed coffee

1 tsp brown sugar

Double Cream

Whip the cream to a thick, but pourable, consistency, then refrigerate.

Pour the whiskey into a tall, thick-walled glass (ideally with a handle or a thick stem).

Top up with freshly-brewed coffee to an inch below the top of the glass.

Stir in the sugar – this helps the cream to float.

Gently pour the cream over the back of a spoon onto the top of the drink.

Jameson & Ginger

50ml Irish Whiskey
(we recommend Jameson Select Reserve)

Ginger Ale

Pour the whiskey into a tall tumbler glass filled with ice.

Top up with the ginger ale.

Garnish with a large slice of lime.

Hot Toddy

40ml Irish Whiskey
(we recommend Powers Gold Label)

1 tsp honey

Hot Water

Pour the whiskey into a tall, thick-walled glass (ideally with a handle).

Top up with hot (not boiling) water and stir in the teaspoon of honey.

Garnish with a large slice of lemon, studded with cloves. Cinnamon sticks are another popular garnish.

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