Long Drinks for a late Summer

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It's the season for long, warm evenings and
surprisingly we have them in the UK this
year. To celebrate we've been looking into
our cocktail books to pull out some cooling
long drinks, perfect for unwinding at the
end of the day.
Whiskey Sour
A classic American cocktail that can be
transformed into a great summer drink
by using fresh citrus. As half a lemon or
half a lime should yield about a
measure of juice each, the recipe
below is perfect for doubling up to
make a pair of drinks to share.
1 measure

1. Add all the ingredients to a
cocktail shaker with ice.

2. Shake hard and strain into a
glass over fresh ice.

3. Garnish with a Luxardo cherry.

For a foamier drink add half an egg white
and shake the cocktail twice - both
before and after you add the ice.

A simple whisky based cooler with
only two ingredients - whisky and
water. This has long been popular in
Japan, where it is key to any cocktail
bar menu, with disagreements of the
correct number of times to stir the
drink rife.


50ml Nikka
from the Barrel

150ml Spring water

1. Fill a tall thin glass with a column
of ice cubes.

2. Add first the whisky, then the water.

3. Stir slowly until chilled (10 to 13.5 times
depending on which bartender you ask).

Adjust the amount of water and amount
of stirring to your own tastes.

Mango Cooler
Simple fruity long drinks are very much the
order of the day and you can't get much
simpler than a fruit cooler - find some
fruity liqueur and add a splash of lemonade.
For a tasty tropical hit we'd recommend
something with a touch of mango.


50ml Kingston Mango Liqueur

100ml Lemonade

1. Pack a glass with ice.

2. Pour over the mango liqueur and
lemonade and stir.

3. Garnish with some red berries -
redcurrants work well, as do raspberries.

If you're after something a bit citrusy
Kingston also do a Red Curaçao orange Liqueur
which you can swap in for the mango.
Pina Colada
A 1980s classic that has become
increasingly popular with the
new wave of bartenders. With a
bit of care you can turn this
from an umbrella laden horror
into a classy modern cocktail.


50ml Pampero Blanco Rum

50ml Coco Real cream of coconut

100ml Fresh pineapple juice
(the fresher the better)

1. If you have a blender then
whizz up all the ingredients with a
mixing glass worth of ice, if you
don't then shake it really hard
with a little less ice.

2. Serve with a pineapple slice
and a Luxardo Cherry.

In our opinion this is probably the
best tequila cocktail out there.
The name is Spanish for 'Dove'
and it's a refreshing drink that
plays to tequilas strength as a
cocktail ingredient rather than it's
reputation for slamming.


50ml Tapatio Blanco

150 ml Grapefruit soda
(Ting or similar)

1. Pack a glass with ice cubes.

2. Pour in the tequila and soda, and stir.

3. Garnish with a lime wedge.

If you can't find Ting then a mixture
of fresh grapefruit juice and
lemonade works pretty well.

A Fancy
Gin & Tonic
Summer in the UK wouldn't be summer
without a gin & tonic or two. While the
huge range of gins available at the
moment gives lots of flavour variation we
like to jazz up the humble G&T with a
splash of something extra.

1. Make your G&T like normal,
making sure to use lots of ice.

2. Add a drop or a spoonful of ...

sweet herby hit, a dash or two of
BITTERS for some rooty
liquorice, or a splash of CELERY
BITTERS for a more savoury hit.
Garnish with something that sets
off the flavours of your added

Sea Breeze
A simple fruit juice heavy vodka
cocktail, balancing sweet but tart
cranberry juice with sour grapefruit
juice. The proportions below are just a
guide - adjust to your own preferred
level of sweetness.


25ml Absolut Vodka

25ml Grapefruit juice

75ml Cranberry juice

1. Fill a highball glass with
chunky ice cubes and pour
over the vodka and fruit juice.

2. Give it a quick stir and
garnish with a lime wedge.