Jack Daniel's Green Label / 1L

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Jack Daniel's Green Label / 1L
100cl / 40%
Tennessee Whiskey
A less-aged variant JD, difficult-to-find but well worth the effort. Green Label is lighter and much less sweet than the normal black label No.7 and is brilliant in cocktails.
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Customer Reviews:(22 reviews)
So excited! Just got my green label Today! Great service.
- anonymous, 23rd Feb '13
All you will ever need to survive, when your not drinking Wild Turkey 101.
- Richard Stargate, 9th Nov '12
Had this in florida saw it and thought why not.. very nice. when by bottle had run out on my return to the uk i just had to find it well worth and its on par with lord lucan= very hard to find
- tom , 5th Jul '12
Thanks for that Ben, might have to search out that pub one day!!
- Mark, 23rd Mar '12
To Mark - I forget the name, but it was a pub in Westerham, a small village on the Surrey Kent Border :-) My Girlfriend bought me a bottle of this for Christmas, it is delicious, my collection of JD keeps growing!!
- Ben JD, 6th Jan '12
Green Label is a lot smoother than the Black Label. To anyone intrigued by Jack Daniel's or similar spirits, it should be tried. It has a historical element, which is aided by the look of the label on the bottle. Nice to know there are still some things out there that are unique and not in every shop.
- Steel Horse Cowboy Thommo, 5th Jan '12
I, too, really prefer the green label. It's light, but has a nostalgic "bite" and flavor reminiscent of aged American rye whiskies made long, long ago, when makers were less concerned with numbers on the label. It's a far better mixer, and even does well when added (sparingly) to holiday egg nogs! The fact that it is closer to the old master's (Jack Daniels) original creation, and won him his first medals, doesn't hurt, either.
- HD Charles, 7th Dec '11
To Ben. Which pub in Kent was this??
- Mark, 9th Nov '11
When I first tasted this, it was in a small pub in Kent, I was intrigued as I had never seen Green Label... As a big fan of Black Label, I was very happily suprised at the flavour of Green... so much so that I had half a bottle to myself, spent a fortune in the pub!!! Green label is a lot smoother and glides down the throat, of course its a matter of taste but I thoroughly enjoyed Green and look forward to buying more in the future :)
- Ben JD, 22nd Oct '11
Just had my first bottle of Green Label. I prefer Black especially straight. It was great for mixing but, there was a difference and even in mixed I prefer Black Label. Its all a matter of taste.
- jimmm, 4th Oct '10
I have been drinking Jack for a long time, and have had the basic jack, gentlemens jack, single barrel jack, and green label. This is all about personal opinions, and my opnion and experience is that green label is much better than the others, and gentlemens would fall behind it. Don't get me wrong, i love the other two as well, so either way it goes, as long as it's Jack, we are on track!
- JAG, 12th Feb '10
I never liked Jack Daniels.. the black label, was just to strong (charred oak?) for my taste. A friend gave me a 'blind taste' of the green label.. I would not have guessed it was JD. To me, the JD green label is kind of like a perfect Irish whiskey I had in Ireland - Subtle, light and great with a cigar. Each person has their own taste preference. I think JD had a profitable idea in bringing on this new one.. another market!
- IMHO, 4th Feb '10
To my taste the green label has a more pleasing flavor. I wonder if the identical awards printed on the labels of both bottles were won with the black or the green ? Some characterize it as a lower quality product but I prefer it to the Black Label.
- Whiskey man, 25th Jan '10
I've got to agree with the two posts above. Gentleman Jack is so smooth when drunk neat, and it's not too strong either. However, if anyones tried both gentleman and Green label, how do they compar to one another?
- London town, 17th Dec '09
They didn't mention the green during the tour until I asked - and then I was told, with a smile, that I didn't look like a redneck! It's from the barrels at the bottom of the warehouse where the temperature changes are not so great and so the spirit does not move in and out of the wood as much, resulting in the different flavor. As to whether it's better, well that's just down to personal taste and the mood you're in! Happy sippin'.
- anonymous, 6th Aug '09
Gentlemmen you are all true lovers of Jack Daniel's Whiskey.Do your selfs a favor and try Jack Daniel's (Gentleman Jack)and tell themChuck knows best! I could be wrong, But hard to imagine!
- anonymous, 1st Jul '09
To the guy above me:They are both no. 7
- Me, 15th May '09
It's not as good as No.7. Aged less and made for the forces. Even people who work at JD say this isn't as good as no.7
- Simon, 4th May '09
Wow! Where have I been? Just saw and bought my first 1.75L bottle of Jack Daniel's Green Lable. As a serious Jack Daniel's connoisseur, or so I thought, I am pleased to recommend it. Stronger smelling, very similar tasting. Excellent for mixed cocktails. Being less expensive than the black lable it is a great value.
- Daniel Stover, 1st May '09
Jack Daniel's Green Label is the best Whiskey ever made. Where can I purchase it.
- Dennis Thorn, 15th Dec '08
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