Ballantine's Finest

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Ballantine's Finest
70cl / 40%
Blended Scotch Whisky
Blended from more than 50 single malts (with particular emphasis on Miltonduff and Glenburgie) as well as 4 single grain whiskies. Ballantine's Finest is a smooth, satisfyingly modern blend, now picking up serious momentum in overseas markets under owners Chivas Brothers.
Whisky Bible 2011 & 2012: Scotch Blend of the Year (NAS); 96 Points
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Customer rating (59 reviews)
Customer Reviews:(59 reviews)
This is a first class scotch and for some time has always been my choice of reasonably priced whiskey. I must also say that Whiskey Exchange supply great service.
- Arnold.G.Peachey (Arnold not Andrew as headed)., 23rd June
It's smooth scotch whisky we like it!
- Raison US Army, 11th June
Superb, no match in its class.
- Savio - Denmark, 30th May
This is indeed a verry fine drop, Best sipped neat.
- Whiskey Willie Esq Darwin Australia, 17th March
I was a bit disappointed. I think Teacher's is a better choice if you want a blend with a peaty taste.
- Maarten, 11th Dec '13
- Anish CT, 9th Dec '13
Bought for husband hope he likes it never seen before
- jas england, 21st Oct '13
Its one of the very best blended whiskies. They have kept their traditional bottle as well. You must try it.
- Johnny Norfolk, 26th Aug '13
Its the finest whiskey i had pleasent smell and taste
- Nepal, 29th Jun '13
People say this one is hard to find. It's very odd, I have always thought this is the most common whisky on the earth. At least in northern Europe Ballantine's Finest can be found in every (state monopoly) spirit store. Anyway, a great blend in it's category.
- Mikko, 1st Jun '13
Thought I would give it a try based on Jim Murray's glowing review and very glad I did. Don't let the old fashioned packaging put you off, this is a fantastic blend and offers great value for money. I must get myself a bottle of the Ballantine's 17yr next. Lots of other reviews have mentioned it's hard to find, just treat yourself and order a selection of whiskies from TWE!!!
- The Colonel, 6th Apr '13
I've finished one bottle and will buy another, it's a superb drink,cheers,Azu from Bangladesh
- anonymous, 20th Feb '13
I know I have to drink it neat but I will still insist that just a single small ice cube per 7 cl improves this one. I really recommend it for this price range.
- Murat, 23rd Jan '13
I am from India and I love this drink the best ever in taste compared to other brands famous in this range . It is costlier in India due to the duties paid.
- Hari, 4th Jan '13
Hard to find here in Yorkshire and such a lovely smooth character with a mouthful of sweet complexity balanced out by vanilla with a medium heat after taste that will leave you wanting to 'give that another try'...trouble is you can quickly empty the bottle it is so moreish!
- SimonT, 24th Dec '12
Hi I am from Bangladesh and last night i had it and it is very smooth drink. One of the best scotch I ever had truly "Finest"
- Rajib, 2nd Dec '12
Like so many commenters I wish it was readily available in Scotland; I discovered it on sale at an airport in Tunisia and brought a litre bottle home. Now i wish I had bought me and my wife's 4 litre allowance>
- Bert, 15th Nov '12
I hadn't heard of this but was hooked after the first taste. Couldn't believe it was a blend. I hate to admit it but this is better than a lot of single malts that I've paid £45 plus for. lacks in some complexities but no doubt it's more ish and incredibly enjoyable. Even if you only ever drink single malts and pride yourself on knowing your whiskey don't overlook this, I guarantee it's a fantastically cheap gem!
- Mitchb, 26th Sep '12
Hi I am from India first taken In Dalian(China) at Alice club and same bottle purchased at Mumbai airport , finest whisky great
- anonymous, 29th May '12
the best whiskey ever i buy at airport , because i cant get it from no where in lincoln
- anonymous, 20th Apr '12
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