Bacardi 151' Rum

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Bacardi 151' Rum
100cl / 75.5%
Contains the craft and credentials of a great Bacardi rum, but at 75.5% alcohol, this is not for the faint-hearted: approach with caution!
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Customer Reviews:(13 reviews)
this stuff only lasted us a day and a half
- anonymous, 17th Sep '11
151 rum, malibu and pineapple juice always goes down smooth!
- anonymous, 18th Jan '11
Bought my self a bottle (twice) lasted me nearly 3months. BEST DRINK IN THE SOLAR SYSTEM hands down, introduced freinds and had them running for the hills, I'll be grabbing one in time for xmas
- responsable drinker ;), 7th Dec '10
Quality drink and very powerful stuff. Good sized bottle! Weekend use only!! :)
- Big Paul, 14th Nov '10
I got it as a gift from the Island......enjoyed it all month long !!
- Philip, 6th Nov '10
bah! illegal to import to norway due to strength !
- ivari, 1st Nov '10
Slippy, TWE advocates responsible drinking. That way when you wake up with a beautiful woman you won't have a banging headache distracting you :)
- TWE Admin, 30th Nov '09
drunk 5 or 6 bottles of this between 20 of us in the bahamas 2 weeks ago one of the best nights of my life woke up with a bangin headache and a beautiful women in my bed ,cant ask for more . HA !
- SLIPPY, 28th Nov '09
bought a bottle duty free Fantastic
- anonymous, 21st Aug '09
drink this and let the party start inside!
- anonymous, 10th Apr '09
you'd better have a mixer.
- L, 22nd Jan '09
very nice and very strong, great for mixing, had a bottle of this last 3days between 5 of us....all night all day O_o great weekend
- anonymous, 22nd Nov '07
bloody nice ...
- anonymous, 25th Aug '07
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