1800 Coleccion Anejo 1998 Tequila

1800 Coleccion Anejo 1998 / Bot.2008
75cl / 40%

Cuervo's super-aged ne-plus-ultra 1800 Colección comes with its own fabulous pewter-framed decanter decorated by a local artist, with a different design for each year. A truly beautiful bottling and a hugely sought-after collector's item - this is the 2008 edition.

£1,685.00 ( £1,404.17 ex. VAT)

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The Tequila is made using the traditional process: old agave plants, growing for at least 10 years, are selected by the jimadors; the agave is slowly cooked over several days in stone ovens powered by steam; the agaves are crushed, the juice fermented and then distilled twice; the resulting tequila is filled into French oak casks, where it lies and matures for years until ready.

The decanter is decorated in pewter, with 2008's release featuring designs from visual artist Laura Quintanilla, and painter, sculpter and ceramicist Jorge Marin. The labels were designed by printmaker Felipe Cortés Reyes and are engraved on cotton paper using the 'dry tip' technique.

With only a small number of bottles produced each year and combining the art of tequila making with the finest in contemporary art and design, the 1800 Colección Anejo is a perfect addition to the collection of any appreciator of the very best spirits.

Manufacturer's tasting notes:

Colour: Dark amber with copper highlights.
Aroma: Deep oak, vanilla, toasted almonds, cloves and peppers.
Flavor: Vanilla, oak, almonds, spice, toasted coconut.
Finish: Well rounded, evolving finish with velvet nuance. Very rich, smooth, complex finish.