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Introducing The Gold Medal - Jack Daniel's Double Gold Medal London England
Tennessee Whiskey
100cl / 40%
A very special Jack Daniel's presentation pack celebrating Lynchburg's
finest's Gold Medal-winning exploits in two London competitions a
century ago. Jack Daniel's Old No.7 won Gold at the 1914
Anglo-American Exhibition in 1914 and another medal from the
Institute of Hygiene the following year.
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Tasting Notes
Jack Daniel's Old No. 7

Nose Gentle vanilla from the toasted barrels, with notes of caramel and a hint of smoke.

Palate Oak initially, with notes of caramel, coffee and red apples.

Finish Complex and smoky, with sweet vanilla and caramel hints.

The First Medal: 1914
The Anglo-American Exhibition in London was a
celebration of 100 years of peace between the UK and
the United States - a sort of 'special relationship'
before the phrase was coined. Jack Daniel's Old No.7
was awarded a Gold Medal during the show in
recognition of its unique charcoal-mellowing process.
The Second Medal: 1915
The year after the original triumph in London, Lem
Motlow, Jack Daniel's nephew, decided to prove that
his whiskey was still as good as that made by his late
uncle, who had passed away in October 1911. He sent
a bottle to be approved by the rigorous testing panel
at London's prestigious Institute of Hygiene - and
sure enough, another Gold Medal was awarded.
The Presentation
The Jack Daniel's Double Gold Medal limited edition gift pack has been created
to commemorate these two historic Gold Medals. It contains a special matt
black 1-litre bottle of Old No.7 along with two very stylish tumblers decorated
with the medals won in 1914 and 1915.