Lifelong friendships deserve a bold salute

Limited edition release

Jack Daniel's Sinatra Select

Tennessee Whiskey

100cl / 45%
A tribute to one of Jack Daniel's most loyal fans, Jack Daniel's Sinatra Select is bottled at
a higher-than-normal 45% and incorporates whiskey aged in specially-made 'Sinatra
Barrels' that increase the spirit's oak exposure during maturation.
These special casks have given Sinatra Select a richer vanilla oak character that
Tennessee Whiskey fans will adore.

Tasting Notes

Nose Rich amber
Palate Bold character and a pleasant smokiness,
Finish An incredibly smooth vanilla finish.
Comment The smooth, bold character of the whiskey
embodies the smooth, bold character of the
man himself, Frank Sinatra.

The Sinatra Signature Serve

Sinatra liked to enjoy his bold, smooth Jack Daniel's
in the good old-fashioned way, with ice and water:

  • One Rocks glass.
  • 50ml Jack Daniel's.
  • Always three or four ice cubes.
  • A spash of water.

A Lifelong Friendship

Frank Sinatra's legendary friendship with
Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey lasted for over half
a century. Their first encounter goes back to the
1940s, when Sinatra was introduced to
Jack Daniel's by good friend Jackie Gleason
during a late night heart-to-heart in a
Manhattan cocktail bar.

Soon, and for the next fifty years, Old Blue Eyes and
Old No. 7 were practically inseparable, with Sinatra
keeping a stock of his favourite sipping whiskey on
his private plane, and Jack Daniel's frequently
appearing on stage during Frank's concerts.
When Sinatra finally passed away, he was laid to
rest with a bottle of Jack by his side for the journey.

The Sinatra barrels

Though famously small in stature, Old Blue Eyes
was blessed with a larger-than-life persona.
Jack Daniel's Sinatra Select has recreated Sinatra's
legendary charisma by intensifying the oak's
impact on the whiskey. This is done by carefully
cutting deep grooves into the oak staves of the
casks, increasing the surface area for the spirit to
interact with

The resulting whiskey is combined with Jack Daniel's
Old No.7 to create a whiskey with fascinating
richness and charm. Jack Daniel's Sinatra Select
is bottled at a robust 90 US proof (45%), just as
it was back in the days when Sinatra
fell in love with it.

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