The Whisky Exchange
Midleton 1991
20 Year Old
Cask #48750
54.1% / 70cl
A very exciting single cask of Irish whiskey bottled exclusively for The Whisky Exchange. A profusion of tropical fruit flavours on a luxurious bed of creamy vanilla.

Exclusive Single Cask

This first fill bourbon cask of single pot still whiskey from Ireland's largest distillery, Midleton, was distilled in November 1991 and bottled at cask strength in October 2012, a month shy of its 21st birthday

Midleton is the home of Irelandís most famous whiskey, Jameson, and the company produces a variety of different styles of spirit for their blends. The distillery complex includes a separate grain distillery and a series of enormous copper pot stills making Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey.

Single Pot Still is an old style of Irish whiskey that is triple-distilled in copper pot stills from a mash made of both Malted and Unmalted Irish barley.

Once the pre-eminent style of Irish whiskey made in dozens of distilleries across the country from Comber to Cork, today Single Pot Still is unique to the Midleton distillery.

Selected by The Whisky Exchange from Midleton's enormous reserve of over eight hundred and fifty thousand maturing casks, Cask #48750 is a single pot still distillate categorised as medium-weight and has been rested in Warehouse No. M09 for almost 21 years.

The selection process for this cask was extensive and rigorous, with numerous cask samples of different styles of distillate from various vintages tested and rejected before finally the tasting panel was satisfied.

Tasting Notes

Producer's Tasting Notes

Nose: A striking presence of aromatic oils and spices typical of this style of Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey. Some linseed, backed up with a touch of menthol, paves the way for succulent, fleshy exotic fruits as well as kiwi, melon and a squeeze of blackcurrant. The wood influence cannot be ignored with calming vanilla overtones and firm base notes of charred oak completing the sophisticated aromatics.

Palate: The initial succulence of the fruity mouthcoating develops into a rich infusion of spices and fruit. Cinnamon, vanilla, dark chocolate, some sweet green pepper with cedar wood and charred oak, all delivered in harmony.

Finish: A long and leisurely finish. The full complexity slowly fades leaving the last word to the barley.

Tasting Notes by Tim F

Nose: Naturally thereís waves of delicious vanilla cream from the bourbon cask, but here itís merely the backdrop for a mouthwatering array of tropical fruit, with peaches and apricots most prominent. Hints of cantaloupe melon & kiwi that may be familiar to anyone whoís tried Midletonís Barry Crockett Legacy, the jewel in the crown of the ongoing single pot still range. The single pot still cereals and brown-sugared porridge are there too, plus rhubarb crumble, sweet raspberry cranachan and honeyed flapjacks in abundance. A captivating nose.

Palate: Initial honey, then tremendously intense peaches & cream; a spicy bite, then oranges, apricots, dried ginger, white grape juice, rosehip syrup, shortbread & butter biscuits, the kiwi fruit, honeysuckle and various different kinds of melon. A growing woodspicey tingle. Water lifts the woodspices initially, but after a minute or two releases sweetpea, kumquat, orange flower water, nougat, natural caramel and grassy notes.

Finish: Still lots of fruit, becoming more orangey. The oak grows more prominent now, with hints of furniture polish and a final burst of warming, drying spice that envelops and lingers longest on the palate.

Comment: At this age itís no surprise that a triple-distilled spirit matured in a first fill bourbon cask carries more than a hint of oak. Whatís really impressive is that the expected vanilla and spices play second fiddle for so much of the time to a massive burst of exuberant, over-ripe exotic fruit. At cask strength this is a taste sensation not for the faint-hearted; a judicious dribble of water smooths out the potstillís naturally sharp edges and with a bit of time takes this exceptional dram to another level entirely.