Movember 2013

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A Moustache says a lot, the whisky says everything

Choose your moustache and we will show you which whiskies are perfect for you

During Movember we will donate 5% of the proceeds from whiskies purchased from this page to

Whisky & Whiskers Social Club

Whiskies for the "Dali" Grower
An artist's moustache, for lovers of the strange and the gilded.
Random Fact: Dali advertised Haig Pinch, aka Dimple, in the 1960s.
Whiskies for the "Zappa" Grower
An influential moustache - Frank Zappa started many trends in music and these whiskies have done the same.
Random Fact: Zappa was a lifelong teetotaller.
Whiskies for the "Hulihee" Grower
A moustache (actually a beard) distinguished by its 'fat chops', a bit like these drams.
Random Fact: Hulihe'e is Hawaiian for 'Turn and flee'
Whiskies for the "Napoleon III" Grower
Named for an emperor famed for his foreign policy - these are some great whiskies from around the world.
Random Fact: Napoleon III was both the last French Monarch and their first President.
Whiskies for the "Biker" Grower
Worn by metal bands and wrestlers alike - here are some powerful and spiky drams.
Random Fact: Hulk Hogan's real name is Terry.
Whiskies for the "Rapper" Grower
Popularised by rappers and moved on by the world of R 'n B this is a blingy beard and here are some blingy whiskies to match.
Random Fact: There are a worrying number of 'How to trim your beard like Craig David' guides on the internet.
Whiskies for the "Selleck" Grower
The face of Tom Selleck and his Hawaiian luxury lifestyle brought this one to public attention.
Here are some whiskies for warm weather.
Random Fact: Tom Selleck lives on an avocado farm.
Whiskies for the "A La Souvarov" Grower
Strictly a beard, it's a classic 'tache/'burns combo - here are some great vatted whiskies, aka Blended Malts.
Random Fact: We couldn't find out why it's called A La Souvarov...
Whiskies for the "Super Mario" Grower
Attached to the face of a video game plumber this moustache is rarely seen in the real world – here are some whiskies that you also don't often see.
Random Fact: Mario was originally christened 'Jumpman' in his first appearance in the game Donkey Kong.