George T Stagg / Bot.2011

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George T Stagg / Bot.2011
75cl / 71.3%
Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
The 2011 bottling of George T Stagg, generally seen as the flagship whiskey in Buffalo Trace's Antique Collection. A multi-award winning whisky in previous coming in as Best Whisky in The World multiple times since the inception of Jim Murray's Whisky Bible. A massively powerful whiskey in both flavour and alcoholic strength, this is one to be savoured.
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More Details:
CountryUSABottling Date2011
Customer Reviews: (5 reviews)
Amazing liquid! I prefer it neat, never ice or water with my cask strength stuff (nor with Scotch). But I just may dumb down a bit with Stagg junior (instead of water). TT
- TORONTO TIM, 29th Dec '13
That's a must! for all the bourbon folks out there..
- Nikos, 22nd Mar '12
Good God this knocks your socks off and then gives you a long and lingering cuddle. Quite amazing.
- Sean, 18th Feb '12
Anyone care to chime in about their opinions regarding this 2011 compared to the 2010 release? Thanks :)
- 77anorak, 4th Dec '11
Stagg knocks spots off other whiskeys/bourbons! There are so many flavours going on it's like an explosion has gone off in your mouth! Highly recommended but handle with extreme care...
- Matt, 3rd Dec '11
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