George T Stagg / Bot.2012

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George T Stagg / Bot.2012
75cl / 71.4%
Kentucky Straight Bourbon
The 2012 edition of the whiskey often seen as the pinnacle of the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection - George T Stagg. Bottled at an incredible 71.4% this is packed full of intense flavour but isn't for the faint hearted.
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Customer Reviews: (4 reviews)
Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ! Such great bourbon. Nutty, powerful and simply ... amazing ! 70%abv is not even that strong: this should tell ya how SMOOTH it is ! ! yes, 99/100.
- Tim Tran, Toronto Canada, 22nd Dec '12
Tried it on the recommendation of a Bourbon loving sommelier. unlike unfiltered whiskey, drink it neat. The first sip will is very harsh, but keep sipping and its bursting with spice and really intense flavours. A double will do you for the evening, if you wish to keep your eyesight.
- anonymous, 3rd Dec '12
I won't bore you with a load of tasting notes. But what I will say is this: If you have to drink only one Bourbon for the rest of your life.. then it has to be this. No matter what Bourbon I try in the future I don't think it'll ever be as good as Stagg. P.S. A little bit of this goes a long, long way.
- Stagg Man, 23rd Nov '12
wow - amazing depth and taste - warning do not mix this with anything as it seems to destroy the taste and all you get is burn. Neat or if you must with ice, this is fantastic, perhaps best on the market.
- anonymous, 28th Oct '12
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