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A small but carefully chosen selection of food to accompany and enhance our range of fine spirits.
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A jar of Luxardo's excellent maraschino cherries. These aren't the bright red cocktail cherries you usually see, made by removing all the cherries natural flavour and replacing it with syrup. These are marasca cherries steeped in a maraschino flavoured syrup, creating little cherry flavour bombs that will ruin you for other cocktail garnishes.
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A fantastic 70% cocoa solid chocolate made by rum and chocolate expert Duane Dove. It's had fantastic score from chocolate aficionados since it appeared and we're pleased to now have the larger 100g bars, as the old 50s never lasted quite long enough...
Great Taste Awards Gold Medal Winner 2011 & 2012
Best Dark Chocolate Bean-to-Bar 2013 - Academy of Chocolate
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These wonderful sour cherries have been covered in sugar and left in the sun, converting the sugar into a deliciously decadent syrup. These magnificent cherries and juice are the same as those used to make the fabulous Visciolata del Cardinale dessert wine, and are great with puddings, duck or cheese, as well as making a perfect cocktail garnish.
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A variant on the regular Visciole del Cardinale cherries, stoning the cherries before their process of covering them in sugar in the sun, allowing them to exude a thick cherry juice which they are then jarred with. Great in cocktails or with dark meat and cheese.
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