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Our Whisky Shop Staff
ManagerAlex 'Bitter and Twisted' HuskinsonAfter working in various areas of the drinks industry for the past 20 years, Alex has amassed a significant knowledge of all wines and spirits, and is a fervent enthusiast of tequilas, rums, liqueurs, gins, bitters and the like. His love of whisky began about 6 years ago, and he's since extended his knowledge to cover virtually every distillery on the planet. In 2006, Alex also started running monthly "Cocktail Masterclasses" on behalf of Vinopolis, through which he shares his passion for the art mixing fine beverages.
Assistant ManagerChris 'Woodstock' BoltonNow the longest serving member of staff at our store in Vinopolis, Chris spent perhaps too much of his (spare) time at University working for the company. During the past 4 years he has developed an extraordinary knowledge of both whiskies and other spirits alike. Aside from his interest in malt whisky, he also has a love of classic cocktails. After a brief sojourn at our head office, Chris is now a full-time member of staff here in the shop, and as of 2011 he has also taken responsibility for organising all tasting events at TWE Vinopolis.
Assistant ManagerDuncan 'Dr Who?' RossA familiar face in the whisky world, Duncan's passion and love for whisky is unparalleled in the specialist whisky retail sector. His encyclopaedic knowledge of whisky is immense, having worked in various specialist outlets including World of Whiskies at Heathrow Airport, Milroys of Soho, and a further 5 years at Royal Mile Whiskies before joining our team here in August 2007. There is rarely a question about the nectar of life that he cannot answer.
Spiritual AdvisorJamie PellingAn erudite addition to the Exchange team, Jamie is studying Ottoman history at LSE. When he's not filling his brain with all things Turkish he can be found stockpiling Pittyvaich for his vast collection of OBs. Though a scamp of relatively tender years, be warned. Jamie is in possession of a rapier wit and a withering glance that can reduce the strongest cove to a plate of jelly.
Spiritual AdvisorFern BryanAt first glance our beloved Fern is an animal loving sweetheart with a penchant for Dr Who. But spend any amount of time around her and you will learn that she is in fact an Electric Mistress. When not here in the world of whisky, Fern spends much of her time mucking about with synthesisers, sequencers and generally getting her Depeche Mode on!
The other guyHector 'Dram theft auto' MilesHe comes in from time to time and is noted for his buoyant temperament, vivid trousers and beautiful singing voice.