McAfee's Benchmark No. 8 Straight Bourbon

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  • Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
McAfee's Benchmark No. 8 Straight Bourbon
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McAfee's Benchmark is a rye-recipe Kentucky straight bourbon from the Buffalo Trace distillery, awarded 90 points by Wine Enthusiast and a former Gold Medal and Trophy winner at the International Spirits Challenge.


McAfee's Benchmark No. 8 Straight Bourbon Reviews

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  • 5
    6 March

    my wife always needed squirt or 7up with a bourbon if she had one with me. so I got some Benchmark for her. now it's the only thing I drink and she likes it with water

  • 5
    3 March


  • 5
    26 December 2014

    Here we are at Christmas and the time for alcoholic presents from the kids who mistakenly think i''m addicted to brownish stuff in bottles!Luckily my stocking contained Benchmark.Infinitely better than previous years attempts to lure me away from WT.Found this to be everything my palate enjoys.Not going to say anything about overtones or notes of anything because that is pretentious claptrap. I like this Bourbon!

  • 5
    10 December 2014

    There is nothing that i have ever tasted in a bourbon that is even close in the quality/price ratio as this stuff. Get some and try it. You will not be disappointed.

  • 5
    7 December 2014

    I recently discovered Bourbon and had my favorites (Buffalo Trace and Four Roses Small Batch) when my employment situation made these too expensive. My poker buddies took my plight to heart and had a "bottom shelf" tasting to help me find a replacement. The contenders were Benchmark, Jim Beam, Evan Williams (black), Four Roses (Yellow Label), and Jack Daniels as a control (because we had a bottle). We all guessed the Beam (one note, not much there) and most picked the EW as being the >$20 Jack based on having different flavors. All rated the Benchmark high and it was a consensus favorite. The Four Roses, which I thought would win, barely beat the Beam based on sharp alcohol notes during the initial tasting... but was much better after resting or with ice during the poker game and moved up into a tie with EW as second favorite (both were enjoyed, with 4R winning smoothness and EW winning flavor). BUT, Benchmark was favored over all of them, including Jack at >2x the price, for the combo of flavor and smoothness (and an absense of off notes). A fifth got me through the job situation, but I still have a handle of Benchmark in the cabinet for everyday sipping and mixing.

  • 5
    14 November 2014

    Great value. I taste tested this against Knob Creek straight up and on the rocks. I rated Old Benchmark my favorite.

  • 5
    22 October 2014

    I had been experimenting with lots of "bottom shelf" bourbons to find a good inexpensive everyday bourbon. I never even gave Benchmark a second look due to its very low price and knockoff jack Daniels packaging. WOW, boy was that stupid. This is by far the best bourbon that you can buy for the money. If they repackaged this and marketed it differently, they could get twice the price for it. I''ve ended up drinking this neat more often than mixing it. (which is what I intended for it originally) It''s got flavor, but with the nice round edges that you associate with a much more expensive bourbon. It has none of the cheap liquor off notes that a lot of the cheap bourbons have. I still keep a bottle of Makers around, and while benchmark can''t quite compete with it, the difference in quality doesn''t come close to matching the price disparity. You won''t be disappointed.

  • 5
    17 October 2014

    I was looking at my local package store for a whiskey that wasn't really expensive. When I looked at the label I saw it was distilled, aged, and bottled by Buffalo Trace which is a good whiskey and decided to give it a try. WOW I was impressed on what I bought. Better than I thought it would be.

  • 5
    30 September 2014

    I gave Benchmark a try, after reading a few reviews. I have to say that, for the price, it is THE BEST low-priced bourbon out there!! And, its national availability makes it all the better/best value in bourbon!!! I've seen it in Florida, Ohio, DC, and Myrtle Beach, SC, where I saw it as the well bourbon in a few places. Folks, if you can get it where you are, PLEASE give it a try!!!

  • 26 April 2014

    Came across Benchmark while looking for more Evan Williams. EW was sold out so, I purchased this.... not bad for the price.... find out in the A.M...... Randy, MI

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