Seven Fathoms Rum

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Seven Fathoms Rum
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Seven Fathoms is a golden rum from the Cayman Islands. The casks are kept under water for part of the maturation process.

Cayman Islands

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    5 March

    I''m amazed at the reviews this is getting. I was very excited to try this as I love visiting Grand Cayman. Was able to get it in the Chicago area , it was the biggest waste of money I've ever spent on a spirit. It's thin with almost no complexity and it's not even good with Coke. It''s similar to other micro-distillery rums that I've tried... in a word... lacking. I dumped my bottle. I'll leave my top shelf rums (Plantation 25, Dictador 20, El Dorado 12, etc.) out of this... heck, I'll even leave my premium mixers (Angostura 7, Cruzan Single Barrel, Plantation 5, etc.) out of this, but even Cruzan Gold (which I only use in blended drinks) is far, FAR superior. Buyer beware. Maybe I got a bad batch?

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    16 December 2014

    Great rum!!!!

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    2 October 2014

    I live in Cayman and have for over 8 years and i'm one of the lucky few that were there when seven fathoms started off with one little still over what was hammerheads. i'm so proud of what Walker and Nelson have achieved and their expansion into vodka and flavoured rums is only testiment to their thirst and love of the process and genuinely loving their craft. SF is the finest rum i have tasted and even had it as my signature drink at my wedding and gave away the bottle to my guests. my house always has a bottle and its the only rum made completely in Cayman. believe me - tortuga and blackbeards are only bottled here ! I am the only person with a bottle of batch #1 from the original still and waiting for one extra extra special occasion to open it. i cannot recommend this rum more. the love, hard work and knowledge that goes into making SF shines through in the taste. yummmm

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    2 August 2014

    Just tried this rum at the distillery in Grand Cayman... really amazing rum and will be keeping my shelf stocked with this one. Not easy to get a hold of a bottle, but well worth it.

  • 17 January 2014

    Really, this is not a good rum as rum is defined. There are none of the esters and flavor components experienced drinkers find in a fine spirit. It is really quite empty and bland save for a bit of rustic oak. You may like this, but that is because you like flavored vodka. Much too expensive for the quality.

  • 6 September 2013

    A fantastic rum! I came back from the Cayman islands and had the pleasure of touring their brand new distillery. I've never seen anything like this. The rum is aged in used Makers Mark barrels for 1-3 years chained in the ocean in a secret location at a depth of 7 fathoms! I'm an amateur Scotch drinker, so I will not be able to give a worthwhile description of the flavor. But I will say that this has a truly unique taste by combining the aged rum with the compliment of the signature bourbon

  • 17 September 2012

    A Cayman Island market suggested Seven Fathoms Blood Orange Rum,not in stock but did direct us to the distillery nearby.Arriving we noticed a bar around the side and stairs leading to the distillery.They said the bar downstairs sold the products they make but to sample the varieties.We did and loved their newest creation of Blood Orange .Thankfully one of the owners sold us a bottle.We complimented them on the best rum we have had and is it available in the US-not yet

  • 31 January 2012

    Just got a batch 0 33 on 1-19-12 on 7 mile, love it! Wish to find it here :( No gimmicks, just great rum!

  • 20 September 2011

    I just came back from Cayman Island and had the pleasure of tasting this amazing rum! By far this is the best rum I have ever tasted!

  • 8 September 2011

    We've been trying to get it back in for the last year with no success. We're still trying...

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