Macieira Five Star Royal Brandy

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Macieira Five Star Royal Brandy
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A litre bottle of Portugal's long-produced brandy. Distilled from wines made using local grapes and aged in oak to produced an easy drinking spirit.

Grape Brandy

Macieira Five Star Royal Brandy Reviews

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  • 20 April 2014

    Delicious. Very delicate in spite of a strong character and smell. Very sweet finish and, believe it or not, much better than Metaxa 5 or even 7. Quite affordable in Portugal. Try it and you will never forget it. Cheers.

  • 31 January 2014

    It come very close to Metaxa 7*,but not quite up to Parthenon which I only ever found in Crete at the airport years ago

  • 9 August 2013

    love, love this brandy.

  • 29 March 2013

    A superb brandy, worth the visits to Portugal. I was sorry to be unable to find it in the U.K., until now! Am really pleased that I have found a supplier in this country. Macieira is my absolute favourite brandy.

  • 18 November 2012

    A very special brandy to have on holiday in Portugal