Rock Town
Arkansas Rye Whiskey

75cl / 46%
Rock Town / Arkansas Rye Whiskey
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Rock Town was founded by Phil Brandon in 2010, becoming Arkansas' first legal distillery since Prohibition. Made from rye grown in north-east Arkansas, this spicy rye whiskey has a complexity that belies its age.

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    28 March

    Rock Town was my first foray into Rye Whiskey, and I was very impressed, although I can''t compare it to other rye whiskies. The flavour is as rich and complex as a scotch, but it certainly isn''t subtle; much like many bourbons, it smacks you right in the face and might be a little too overwhelming to sip neat without an ice cube or a splash of water. It does, however, make the very best Old Fashioned I''ve ever tasted as it cuts through the sugar and bitters and delivers a very well balanced and damn tasty drink!