Early Times Fire Eater
Hot Cinnamon Liqueur

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Early Times Fire Eater / Hot Cinnamon Liqueur
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Early Times Fire Eater is a blend of its aged whiskey and cinnamon flavours. First launched in 2012, it took two years to reach our shores and was certainly worth the wait.



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Tasting Notes

  • Producer's Notes

    Aroma: An aromatic blend of warm bakery cinnamon, creamy brown sugar with a hint of cinnamon stick balanced with delicate whisky notes.

    Taste: Starts with an inviting blend of bakery cinnamon and sweet brown notes that quickly escalate into a hot cinnamon sensation.

    Finish: Finishes with a blend of rich spices and smooth whisky character.

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    8 December 2014

    I have to agree with the producer''s notes: this is a blend of cinnamon, sugar and smooth whisky. On it''s own , it is a really good ''winter warmer''; alternatively, try it with Coke. My favourite is Coke Zero. I''ve had many a tipple like this over the Autumn and thoroughly enjoyed it. This spirit does not have the hot burning taste the labeling suggests, rather it is is a very good warming liqueur.