Grant's Family Reserve

70cl / 40%
  • Blended Scotch Whisky
Grant's Family Reserve
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Grant's award winning flagship blend, first created in 1898 by William Grant and these days based around grain whisky from Grant's own Girvan distillery.

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  • 5
    9 July

    Ever green taste

  • 3
    7 July

    Its a well crafted NAS Blend but the alcohol bite is just a tad too much.... there are better alternatives out there.

  • 5
    27 June

    Excellent scotch with a great aroma and even better taste The price kicks it from a 4 1/2 star to a 5 star

  • 4
    9 June

    Ok I''m not going to go over old ground and give you a review BUT some advice. When you have had a nip or 2 from the bottle, add a tablespoon of glenfiddich 15yr old (or 12) let it marry for a couple of weeks and you will turn a cheaper blend into an expensive tasting one. After I did this my bottle of grants tasted supreme. Btw this works with any malt and parent blend.

  • 5
    24 March

    Just bought a bottle of Grants at a liquor store, and I really enjoyed it.. Even though I haven''t opened it yet.

  • 5
    18 February

    Have been a bit lost since the loss/execution of my old favourite Bailie Nicol Jarvie (did these idiots know their whisky at all ?) but have discovered Grants Family Reserve , a bit fruitier but gentle , slightly sweet and untrammelled on the palate. Delicious.

  • 4
    15 July 2014

    A great whisky, no question about it. This one is good both for celebration or after a rough day. I find the balancing act dexterous between sweet and sour and salty and smoky and oaky and fruity and I could go on and on...

  • 13 November 2013

    I love this blend and for the price it has few equals, if you like a smooth easy-drinking dram. It is also with keeping if you find yourself stuck with a harsh malt that needs taming. Adding 25% Grants to the offending malt can do wonders.

  • 12 October 2013

    This used to be called "Standfast" and is just as good

  • 8 August 2013

    An absolute classic. Good for the beginner, and for the veteran too. I agree and echo all of the positives about it here. On the plus side furthermore: it isn't a sickly sweet blended whisky - it is very well balanced without becoming bland. Has been for ages at a very consistent quality level; just be careful with the caramel colourant guys.

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