Yukon Jack Whisky Liqueur

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Yukon Jack Whisky Liqueur
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The self-styled 'Black Sheep of Canadian Liquors' is a highly potent liqueur, based on Canadian whisky blended with honey. One to warm the cockles on a cold winter's night.


Yukon Jack Whisky Liqueur Reviews

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  • 2
    7 days ago

    I''m drinking my first sip of this now. It''s definitely not the flavor for me, despite mixing it with ginger ale, which is my favorite soft drink. Honestly, tastes like medicine. I''d rather be drinking strawberry lemonade svedka. This is a drunk review

  • 5
    11 days ago

    it was good af

  • 5
    3 April

    I had my first taste of Yukon Jack back in the ''80''s. We used to drink shots of it topped with peach schnapps. Yum! After my baby was born I quit drinking. When she started cutting teeth I found a bottle in the freezer. Great for teething babies, just rub a little on the gums, pain all gone. I now have a glass evert night after work over ice. I know sleep like a baby.

  • 4
    23 September 2014

    "Boy, put some of that yukon jack in the bag" is what I always say!

  • 5
    6 July 2014

    A favorite since 1978, it is just plain ole wonderful...smooth, sweet, and mellow. Best with just crushed ice, perhaps a twist of lime...except it goes down too fast!

  • 20 March 2014

    First introduced to it in the '70s. When all my buds were drinking Johnny Walker and Tennessee whiskies, a small handful of us preferred Yukon. Today, Yukon is hard to find in NYC but when I do find it, it is worth the effort. Great and potent sippin' whisky!

  • 12 January 2014

    have drank the black sheep since the late 60's, yea I'm that old!It taste as good today as it did the first time -I take it neat or in the wild straight out of the bottle-great stuff!

  • 12 January 2014

    AHHHH! Yukon Jack! Been drinking it on occasion since it came out, with my dad. It's no longer available in British Columbia, but I have been able to bring home a case every time I visit Alberta, up until now. It's getting harder and harder to find now and after visiting 4 or 5 liquor stores before I head home, I can only find one or two bottles. How sad!

  • 2 January 2013

    yukon jack is not a very complex whisky. It definately is a smooth drink. Most whisky i have to doctor up quite a bit but with yukon jack i usually just mix it in with a little bit of soda to take the bite off. Doesnt even really have that heavy of a burn like the cheaper whiskys do. its a great whisky. I've had the more expensive irish whiskys and higher end "southern" whiskys and I'll take this over them any day. its smooth , and it does'nt cost you and arm and a leg.

  • 26 November 2012

    I've been drinking Yukon Jack since I was 22 back in 1998. I thought it was delicious, I was young then and chased it with a Coke. It is still the best drink out there. It's a honey flavored whisky, that's why it taste good with milk to some people. The honey is the best cure for hang overs, and since honey is used in Yukon Jack then it's a win-win!

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