Jacquin's Rock & Rye

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  • Bourbon Whiskey Liqueur
Jacquin's Rock & Rye
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Delicious mix of rock sugar (the 'Rock' of the title) and rye whiskey with chopped fruit pieces added for extra flavour. Almost like a pre-mixed rye old fashioned - just add ice. It also comes in a rather snazzy gift box, with a tumbler, shot glass, poster and CD telling you all about it.

Jacquin's Rock & Rye Reviews

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  • 5
    4 April

    I have always used this to help me sweat out a cold. It works great.

  • 5
    8 January

    I too remember this from my teen years in the 60''s... I just gave a bottle to my 90 year old Dad this Christmas. He called today to say he was really likin'' it! that from a home wine maker.. Great!

  • 4
    19 December 2014

    I remembered this as something my father would drink whenever he was coming down with a cold way back in the 60''s. My dad was not much of a drinker, but he swore by this stuff. Well, my pop had been gone a long time, and I was thinking of him today after work. I am coming down with a cold, and was passing the liquor store when I thought of my Pop`s medicine. Just had my first drink ofthis stuff, and am feeling better already. Here''d to you Pop! I miss you.

  • 13 January 2014

    I use it every time I feel a cold or cough coming on. One shot before bed. But it's not available right now. I wonder why?

  • 6 March 2013

    this stuff is awesome!everyone should try it! quality!

  • 5 January 2013

    I have used this for last tens yrs for a cold..I can assure you if you are running a fever and drink it warm and cover up tight you will sweat it out. It will also help you sleep better than anything i have found

  • 2 January 2013

    Don: We're looking for a new supplier, but it looks like it may not be coming back for the time being. We'll keep looking.

  • 31 December 2012

    How much longer will it be out of stock????

  • 11 December 2012

    Dad was in the bar business all his life so that's where I grew up. We always had Jacquins' rock & rye with fruit in it and sold a lot more in the winter time. The old timers at that time used to give a little cough, just before they ordered a shot, probably mostly to set their mind at ease. Jerry

  • 18 October 2012

    Whatever happened to the original ROCK & RYE in the sugar coated bottle, with no fruit? My dad used to have it around all the time when I was a kid, and he'd give us a shot whenever we had a bad cough, and the next day the cough would be gone. That stuff was so good! I tried the kind with the fruit once, and it was terrible!

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